LELO With Special Collection By Amber Rose

amber rose lelo

Amber Rose and sex toy manufacturer LELO put their heads together and came up with a special collection. The product line was featured on Amber Rose’s Instagram account subscribed by nearly 17 million subscribers. 

The 34-year-old model and actress Amber Rose created her own sex toy line for the Swedish sex toy company LELO. In a statement, she said: »I waited a long time to find the perfect toys for me, and you can see my fav pleasure products below. I picked these out myself because I know that if they’re good for me, they might be good for you too. And if you love yourself, then your body deserves the best! I hope this helps you make the right choice for you. Because when it comes to pleasure, it’s all about YOU. Now go get you some.«

Amber Rose’s selection includes the Gigi 2, Ina Wave, Loki Wave, Ora, Tiani 2 and Tor 2. The line features products in the price range from $139 to $219.

Rose and LELO already worked together on last year’s edition of the famous Slutwalk in Los Angeles. LELO sponsored the event organized by the Amber Rose Foundation. The event celebrates female sexuality and independence and fights for gender equality. More than 11,000 people attended the event, and it regularly makes headlines all over the world.

The new Sona Sonic Massager from LELO also got a major push on Instagram by Amber Rose. Working with the company’s slogan for the new product she posted: »CLITorally mindblowing.«


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