VENUS Berlin Interviews & Portraits #01 MyCelebrator

The biggest sex fair in Germany is diverse and colorful. International and national porn stars, as well as popular webcam models and dominatrixes, are to be found and experienced. In addition to the actors and performers, industry giants such as Beate Uhse are also exhibitors at the VENUS alongside tiny niche dealers. Combined they enhance the experience of the fair visitors year after year. At a small booth, we met a representative of Celebrator Nest. A successful Dutch company that has only one product but nevertheless 25 employees: My Celebrator.

At the booth of the Dutch company Celebrator Nest there are two friendly men tirelessly explaining a small, rather inconspicuous product. Based in Zutphen in the Netherlands, the company has focused on the production of a single product: a small, narrow attachment for electric toothbrushes developed by Iwan and Dimitri Gobel. The electric toothbrush thus becomes an affordable, discreet and almost universally available sextoy. Venus Adult News talked to MyCelebrator:

VAN: When was the company founded?

Max van de Salm: The idea of the product was conceived 10 years ago by several women. They sat over a glass of wine and talked about the fact that the electric toothbrush was actually an ideal sex toy. These were women with great ideas, naughty ideas. The funny thing is that the idea is actually quite simple. But this simplicity is our strength.

VAN: You have decided to offer only one product, which is usually a rather risky approach, but it certainly has advantages.

Max van de Salm: Yes, we as a company are committed to this simplicity. We only have one product. We offer this attachment, which fits on every electric toothbrush – no matter what type of brush. This allows any woman in the world to turn her toothbrush into a mini vibrator. Into a very intense one.

VAN: That means though that the performance of your product depends on the toothbrush?

Max van de Salm: Well, sure. The strength of the vibrations depends of course on the device you bought. However, since most of the devices vibrate very strongly and are actually ideal for reaching orgasms, this does not play a major role for us. The simplicity of the product is a huge advantage.

VAN: Another advantage of the product is certainly its small size.

Max van de Salm: That and the discretion as well. It fits in every wallet. An ideal gift, a great gag, too, but one that has real benefits and is not only funny.

VAN: I know that many companies are afraid of giving out actual business figures, but how many MyCelebrator units do you produce? Where are your markets?

Max van de Salm: Several 100,000 per year … We sell the Celebrator worldwide. Of course, we started in the Netherlands but we are now represented worldwide. We have the big advantage that people love to talk about the celebrator. The combination with the toothbrush is a very funny door opener. And more than just a gag. It often works better than traditional or more expensive vibrators. But the fun factor should not to be underestimated, it helps us a lot.

VAN: Where do you produce the celebrator?

Max van de Salm: We are actually doing this ourselves. In the Netherlands. We are a typical Dutch company, Made in the Netherlands. From production to packaging, from marketing to sales.

VAN: How was the product designed? Why is this design particularly suitable for clitoral stimulation?

Max van de Salm: Hundreds of women tried different shapes before the product was finished. From the material to the angles of the Celebrator’s shape, everything has been refined by Iwan and Dimitry Gobel and tested by women. And that is one of the reasons why we offer only one product. If we were to offer different forms, the costs would rise and quality would inevitably suffer. Or a higher price would be needed. At the moment we can offer it to the trade dealers for about 6 Euro or in the 100er display for 400 Euro.

VAN: But there is a small deviation from the 1-product strategy. On the one hand, you can choose between 3 or 10 Celebrators. And on the other hand, there is also a complete device, a celebrator with a toothbrush.

Max van de Salm: Yes, this is for those who do not yet have an electric toothbrush. We have also set a low price here because we believe that every woman should have access to great orgasms. With the device, it costs about 35 Euro.


VAN: Finally, the most important question of all! Can your device also be used as a toothbrush?

Max van de Salm: (laughs) Yeah, sure, that’s possible. But seriously, our little celebrator is recommended by doctors. Especially for people with MS and sexual disorders. It just works great.

VAN: Thank you very much for the interview!

To learn more about the product, visit the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.




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