This Instagrammer Is Putting Dildos All Over L.A., And It’s Weirdly Beautiful


A new Instagram – Hardware Los Angeles –is showing off the natural beauty of the L.A. landscape with the help of a somewhat unconventional tool – a dildo. Or a selection of dildos, that is, showcased everywhere from the Silver Lake Reservoir to the beach in Santa Monica.

The sex toys featured on Hardware’s instagram are perched next to dried sage outside Moon Juice, for the Silver Lake Shaman set; dipped in glitter to celebrate L.A. Pride; nestled in beds of kale and posed against a Paul Smith-style pink wall. It’s a bizarre celebration of sex and public art and Instagram and Los Angeles street life, just in time to liven up your Wednesday.

We spoke to the photographer, who is currently gathering funding to build Hardware into a high-quality sex toy company: “While I work on creating my larger business plan and getting funding, @hardwarelosangeles is a way to celebrate and normalize sex toys, specifically dildos, as everyday objects. If we can find both utility and beauty in these objects, we are on the road to de-stigmatization of the industry.” And hey, in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for dildo photoshoots taking place around Los Angeles.




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