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The sex toy shop Carvaka collected a lot of info about the booming sex toy industry and created a great info graphic meant to be shared among social media platforms.

»The sex toy industry is an intriguing niche. It’s an industry that is literally worth billions of pounds all over the globe yet it is often treated as a taboo by the public and the business world in general. This is ironic because one of the industry’s biggest sellers, the vibrator actually started out as a device used by family doctors to treat female patients for stress and anxiety. Today, there is phenomenal choice when it comes to buying a vibrator; you can choose from a myriad of colours, materials, sizes, speeds and so on. Of course there is more to sex toys than vibrators and the industry now offers a wide selection of “solutions” to people all over the world who wish to extend their sexual horizons to experience new levels of pleasure. In recent years, we have seen growing interest in the area of toys for mentoys specifically for the LGBT community as well as new technologies giving rise to sensational new toys for women and couples. Here are some facts about the huge industry that is sex toys.

factsLooking at these statistics below about masturbation, it shows just how enthused those women who use sex toys are about them as tools to achieve climax. Over 50% “felt positive” about the experience and about their vibrator. Many women (and men) still don’t realise the possibilities that sex toys can deliver. Sex toys can enhance your masturbation and/or your sex life with your partner. Things like sex gels and lube are also fantastic at creating a comfortable sex session and can even take it to new heights (f.ex. tingly lube!).

Even in these days of acceptance and inclusion, there are still a number of countries around the globe that don’t allow the sale of sex toys…and there is also one U.S. state which also prohibits their sale.

sex toys forbiddenDespite these countries reluctance to allow the sale of sex toys, there is simply no doubting adult toys’ popularity all over the world and the prediction is that this popularity will continue to rise. Added into that are factors such as changing sexual preferences and also the development of technologies which mean major new advances in sex toy technology. We’re like to continue to see the phenomenal growth in sex toy sales kick on even more!«

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