‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Sex Toys Are Here to Give You Cosmic Orgasms

orgasms galaxy

Latina.com: “Ready to geek out in bed? Geeky Sex Toys just released a new line of goodies just for “Guardians of the Galaxy” superfans. The collection, appropriately named “Orgasms of the Galaxy,” features vibrators, dildos and the like based on the franchise’s characters. Even more appropriate, the line drops just in time for the film’s second instalment premiere this weekend.

Those who have the hots for Vin Diesel’s character, Groot, might go for the Groot-inspired butt plug, whereas others who are partial to Chris Pratt’s character, Star Lord, should definitely pick up the Star-Load. There’s even a “stroker” named Cumora, inspired by Zoe Saldana’s character, Gamora. Other toys include a bright blue Stimula, the Root and Mini Root, Randy the Raccoon and Dix the Destroyer. How’s that for innovation?

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The company boasts that the toys will “save the galaxy, one orgasm at a time!” Considering the creativity of these things, they’re probably right. Previously, the geeky company released unicorn dildos to appeal to those with a mystical, storybook fantasy.”

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