Giant Billboard For The Magic Wand In Toronto

Magic Wand vibrator billboard pinkcherry toronto

If you read VAN in the last few weeks, you will have noticed the increasing censorship efforts in numerous countries. But there are also positive things to report. In Canada, for example. There is a billboard for the popular vibrator Magic Wand hanging over one of the most important highways in Toronto.

A 30 foot long Magic Wand will be part of the skyline of the metropolis Toronto in the coming weeks. The online retailer Pinkcherry has installed an oversized billboard on which one of the world’s most popular vibrators can be seen.

Ironic references to the origins of the Magic Wand

In doing so, the company is showing its awareness of the unique history of the vibrator. Besides the huge depiction of the Magic Wand, there is only the short sentence: Relax – it’s just a back massager.

The device was originally invented by the Japanese electronics company Hitachi as a massage stick for the back. For decades, however, it was sold without special reference as exactly that what the device is particularly good at: as a vibrator.

Since the conservative Japanese tech conglomerate never felt at ease with selling a sex toy, a license was sold to Vibratex, which now imports and sells the device openly as a vibrator in the USA resulting in high sales.

Magic Wand is PinkCherry’s bestseller

Vibratex is of course extremely pleased with the advertising campaign of PinkCherry, which according to its own statements is pushing its bestseller product with the campaign. Erin Sue is a spokeswoman for the company. She stated: »The Magic Wand is like royalty here. We often sell more Magic Wands in a day than some products sell in a week – it’s the thing that everyone asks for by name – and we’re thrilled to have it on our billboard.«

The huge advertising space was previously booked by another sextoy manufacturer. The label Womanizer, which belongs to the German WOW group, has advertised its »Scream Your Own Name« campaign on the same billboard

This makes Canada one of the few Anglo-American countries that currently cultivates a relaxed, progressive approach to sex toys and adult products.

You can find the PinkCherry website here. If you want to know more about the Magic Wand Importer Vibratex, please follow this link.



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