Fun Factory Presents New Pulsator II Stronic Surf

fun factory

The product development department at Fun Factory, the Bremen-based sex toy manufacturer, has come up with a new toy for the summer and launched it to coincide with the hot weeks and months of the year. Fun Factory promises the perfect wave for customers of the device.

The new Stronic Surf from Fun Factory is the third device in the Pulsator II collection for which the company, founded in 1996, has brought a specifically developed patent into use. According to the manufacturer, the forward and backward movements protectey by the patent are especially exciting.

The wave structure of the design of the Stronic Surf fits in well with the beach and summer themed marketing that Fun Factory has come up with to promote its latest product. According to Fun Factory, »this stimulates the vaginal canal particularly intensively. (…) The waves run along the front and back of the toy, giving the Pulsator II a very special look and structure.«

The device can be used to stimulate the inner part of the clitoris and the perineal sponge (PS point) on the back of the vagina. The frequently skipped PS point is located on the opposite side of the G spot and is full of nerves, which is why the stimulation of this point can provide particularly intense experiences.

The device has 10 different pulsees and offers the possibility of a 360° massage. The Stronic Surf is also completely waterproof and is therefore suitable for exciting games with your partner even during real experiences underwater. The device is made of 100% medical silicone, has a built-in key lock and can easily be recharged.

With a sales price of 159,90€ the Stronic Surf is a vibrator for the high-end segment. According to the manufacturer, the product is available in black, petrol and neon orange.

Fun Factory has also been active in the USA since 2003 and its product range is available worldwide. Click here for more information.


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