Play Box: Subscription Box for Couples By Lovehoney

playbox abo

The British sextoy retailer Lovehoney ventures into the sometimes more, sometimes less successful format of the subscription box. Four times a year, customers will receive the so-called Play Box, a collection of toys and accessories for couples.

Lovehoney now offers the so-called Play Box as a sex toy subscription for couples. According to the company, which was taken over last year by the heirs of the coffee and part-time employment Jacobs family, the Play Box follows the concept of last year’s successful Year Of Orgasms subscription.

The subscription costs £50 quarterly, and every three months subscribers receive a box of five curated articles. According to Lovehoney, the value of the products would be £100 if bought individually, making it a tempting offer for frequent users and the curious as well.

Lovehoney emphasizes that the boxes are designed to meet the needs of couples and that the focus is on the game for two. »Every Play Box includes an enticing toy for her, a stimulating toy for him, a game for you to enjoy together, and a few other sexy surprises. Plus, we provide an advice booklet so you can get the most of our your new toys.«

At the moment, the Play Box is aimed exclusively at heterosexual couples, but subscription boxes for same-sex couples are currently being developed.

Further information can be found here.


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