Every fourth German has sex toys

Berlin – Survey gives deep insights into Germany’s bedroom: According to a representative survey conducted by the opinion research institute Yougov Deutschland GmbH, every fourth person has a sex toy.

Between 22.11 and the 25.11, a total of 1,009 persons over the age of 18 were asked if they owned a sex toy. 254 participants answered the question in the affirmative. Of these, 68 percent heated things up between the sheets with a vibrator, 46 percent resort to a dildo.

For the majority, however, the adult toys were not used often for lovemaking. 42 percent said they used the sex toys less than once a month – and that, even though 54 percent are firmly convinced that the toys would enrich their sex life.

Obviously, it still seems difficult for many to talk about the subject. 58 per cent of the respondents believe that sex toys are still taboo in society.

SOURCEVenus Adult News


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