The European HQ of Kama Sutra is celebrating its 1 year anniversary!

Kama Sutra is recognized as one of the world’s top romance and lifestyle brands


One year ago, Kama Sutra opened its European branch in the Netherlands. Kama Sutra is recognized as one of the world’s top romance and lifestyle brands. After a careful rebranding, Kama Sutra planned a major relaunch of their brand. This included the opening of a European branch, one year later the brand can confirm that this was a successful step.

Kama Sutra Europe is responsible for European branding, sales, logistics and distribution. This all is executed from their head office in the Netherlands. The hard work of Kama Sutra’s team is paying off, the brand has expanded its retail presence across numerous sales channels throughout Europe.

The Kama Sutra company established in the late 1960s in the Los Angeles and is dedicated to the well-being both of body and spirit and offers products that are meant to make love better. The company’s very first product, Kama Sutra’s Oil of Love, was a little bottle that would have a giant ripple effect The collection expanded and all products are designed with the health and the beauty of the skin in mind, and are meant to heighten sensual awareness both in and beyond the bedroom.

Kama Sutra has created an unique collection of products for the body that has earned respect for its customers worldwide over 45 years. From bath, essentials, to massage, to romance, Kama Sutra helps their customers feel pampered and cared for. Kama Sutra’s exclusive formulations, beautiful packaging and new products keep Kama Sutra both timeless and contemporary.

Kama Sutra is still in the middle of its European growth, but it already shows that the future is bright for this romantic and sensual brand. Kama Sutra Europe has a personal approach, and with the headquarters located in Europe, the service is accurately and fast. Kama Sutra is constantly looking for growth by answering to customer needs, the brand continues to refine its products and introduce new ones.


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