Doc Johnson Offering Sex Toy Vending Machine

Sex toy brand Doc Johnson is creating a lot of publicity noise with a vending machine offering sex toys. 

Sex toy veteran Doc Johnson created a vending machine in pink with a lot of bananas. The products on display are of course: sex toys. So now you can buy the BUZZ Liquid Vibrator, the TRYST multi-erogenous Silicone Massager,  and other Doc Johnson products in the secrecy – or depending on the location and time – in the open public of a vending machine.

It might be a serious testing but for now, the vending machine seems to be largely a marketing ploys. The so-called “Pop Up Pleasure Machine” will be on tour through chosen U.S.-cities. It will stay for a few days and then continue its travel through the country.

The first appearance of the sex toy vending machine will be in Los Angeles, at an exhibition called: “I Didn’t Ask for This: A Lifetime of Dick Pics” – in case the exhibition is arousing you and you are suddenly in need of a rubber dick or a stroker or an anal plug, well Doc Johnson’s vending machine will be there for the rescue.

Obviously, Doc Johnson chose the locations for its newest salesperson of the year quite well. The next stop for the vending machine will be the Boomtown Brewery in DTLA for a party at the Disco Dining Club, still in Los Angeles.

Doc Johnson will try to cash in on the publicity opportunities each and every time the vending machine will change location. The company will announce the new tour stops via press releases and on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Erica Braverman, Marketing Executive at Doc John said: »Our new campaign, the ‘Pop Up Pleasure Machine,” aims to expand our reach, and drive awareness of the Doc Johnson brand amongst a millennial audience in particular. We’re finding that people, and millennial men and women especially, want to break the ‘sex toy taboo’ with us; and they also want to engage with brands in an authentic, experiential way.«

Chad Braverman, COO at Doc Johnson adds: »The point of this project is really not about the sale of individual products, but is more so a unique and interesting way to connect with a new audience — while also sparking conversation and generating excitement for pleasure products in general. I think that this pop-up concept is right on brand for us, and something that people will love getting involved in.«

VP of sales and marketing, Scott Watkins also puts in his five cents: »While customers can already see our products in retail stores across the country, we wanted to provide another way to create top-of-mind awareness for people who wouldn’t have otherwise thought of sex toys as a holiday gift. Our retail and distributor partners should prepare for an influx of demand for Doc Johnson products in general — with a particular focus on TRYST, BUZZ, and our American POP! collection.«



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