COTR Launches Campaign For b-Vibe

every body has a butt

To promote its anal plug brand b-Vibe, the US sex toy manufacturer COTR has designed the body-positive slogan »Every Body Has A Butt«. The company, which also manufactures the successful products Le Wand and The Cowgirl, aims to reduce the stigma associated with anal toys on the one hand and to celebrate the multitude of shapes and sizes in which the human butt can appear.

The US manufacturer COTR (short for Children of the Revolution) wants to become the leading player among anal toys with its brand b-Vibe. To do this, the company is pursuing a body-positive marketing strategy featuring models with a wide variety of body shapes from behind with an anal plug in their hand. The slogan »Every Body Has a Butt« was specifically designed for the campaign.

The spectacular photos were created by Amanda Picotte. Campaign partners and models include activists and sex experts such as XaXa Bianca, Arielle Egozi, Ericka Hart, Tina Horn, Kevin Patterson, Sonalee Rashatwar, and Daniel Saynt.

Alicia Sinclair focuses on anal pleasure

The founder and managing director of COTR is Alicia Sinclair. Commenting on her anal campaign, she said: »I’m incredibly honored to be able to work with people I deeply admire for this campaign, all of whom continue our work to eradicate harmful stigmas and make strides for a safer, more pleasurable world. Being on-set with these amazing people not only produced incredible photos but inspiring conversations as well.«

Sinclair adds: »As the CEO of a company that focuses on, and celebrates, the concept of anal play – it was important for me to not only launch, but participate in, the Every Body Has a Butt campaign. At b-Vibe, we want people to know that anal play is not for any ‘one type’ of person. It’s an accessible, inclusive and uniquely universal pleasure option, and I feel proud to be a part of a movement that promotes sexual wellbeing through education, elevated tools and representation. By putting my face (and rear!) at the forefront of this cause, I hope to inspire others to learn more about the category, themselves and their pleasure.«

b-Vibe’s body-positive mission
b-Vibe already made some pictures from the campaign available in November. And the influential web magazine Refinery29 has already announced the campaign on Instagram.

Here is the website of COTR, b-Vibe’s site can be found here.

The video of the campaign can be found here:



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