Cosmopolitan Features Lovehoney’s Fifty Shades Freed Collection in a Video

Lovehoney’s newest and final relaunch of its Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy line has generated a lot of buzz. The blockbuster success is one of the decisive factors in Lovehoney’s global expansion. But Lovehoney’s skilled PR-team landed another coup to milk that franchise once again. The influential Cosmopolitan magazine dedicated a viral video to examining each and every one of the products of the new Fifty Shades line. At Bath, the Lovehoney headquarters they are probably popping the corks.

The last new sex toy line dedicated and branded after the global bestseller and movie franchise Fifty Shades hit the stores this Christmas. And Cosmopolitan decided to give the new products an extensive look in a video that went viral. The »Cosmo Love and Sex« FB-page by Cosmopolitan run the video and gathered hundreds of likes and shares. A welcome attention boost for Lovehoney and considering the season probably cause a sales spike for the licensed brand.

The video shows little more than the unboxing of several products from the Fifty Shades Freed sex toy line by British sex toy giant Lovehoney. The video mentions some of the functions and the price of each of the featured products.

Sabrina Earnshaw, Sales Manager at Lovehoney said: »We are delighted with the great feature in such a high profile publication, it is great to see that Cosmopolitan love our Freed and Cherished range as much as we do.«

Lovehoney claims that the current collection of the Fifty Shades sex toy line is breaking sales records all over the place. The newly released last collection was the main attraction on many trade events globally since its first display on the ANME 2017.

If you want to know more about the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy franchise, go look it up on


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