Clio Adds High-End Toys To Its Supermarket Line plusOne

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Clio, a manufacturer of hygiene articles based in the US, has succeeded in adding its sextoy collection to the basic assortment of several large supermarket chains such as Walmart and Target. As a sign that the segment is also moving out of the low-price sector in supermarkets, the plusOne range now also includes a pulse vibrator.

Anyone who becomes a supplier to the trading giant Walmart in the USA will automatically gain a significant market share in his respective field. In growth areas, this ideally leads to sales growth for the entire industry and to the acquisition of new customers. In saturated markets, on the other hand, a sudden market entry by a supermarket chain or a discounter can have a disruptive effect.

The US manufacturer Clio has achieved significant growth rates in the USA over the last two years and has expanded its business to other supermarket chains. As the sextoy market expects high growth rates in the coming years, the increasing presence in supermarkets is likely to contribute to normalization rather than disrupting traditional sex shops.

New technologies for the high-end segment

Until now, most of the products under the plusOne label were priced under 20 dollars. Only one premium vibrator was in higher price categories. Now the Air Pulse technology, which has become increasingly successful in recent years, is to make its appearance in the thousands of Walmart stores in the USA. On the one hand, it will compete with the industry’s top manufacturers, but n the other it raises awareness among new customers who previously had no contact with higher quality sex toys.

The new Mini Massager will use air pulses instead of vibration to stimulate. Stephanie Trachtenberg is the spokeswoman for plusOne within the Clio Group. She is enthusiastic about the new addition to the range: »Vibrators aren’t the only way people can experience sexual pleasure. We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers an introduction to air pressure stimulation, which offers a unique sensation that even sex toy experts are blown away by.«

All-rounder for supermarkets

Apart from expanding into the high-price segment, Clio is also broadening its hygiene division. The offering for supermarkets is enhanced with additional lubricants and cleaning tissues. The company is thus positioning itself as a one-stop specialist for intimate hygiene articles and toys in the US adult business with supermarkets.

Clio was recently featured in the New York Times. You can find our own coverage here and here. You can find the plusOne website via this link.


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