Bustle Presents 9 Sex Toys That Are Extremely Quiet

If you are concerned about the noise of your sex toys because you live with a roommate or other family members you might find it difficult to find the right sex toy for you. Bustle tackled the problem and went out to find 9 toys that are so quiet no roommate will ever hear them.

Many people are concerned about the noise level of sex toys and some do indeed produce noise that can become problematic in certain living situations. But sometimes noisy sex toys are a huge turn-off anyhow. Bustle found nine great sex toys that don’t make a lot of a noise but still are very effective in getting you satisfied.

1. Satisfyer Pro Deluxe

Satisfyer Pro DeluxeSatisfyer Pro Deluxe

Satisfyer’s products don’t have the classic, noisy vibration you may be used to. Instead, they offer a contactless stimulation, with 11 settings, including a whisper mode. You can actually take this waterproof toy out of the bedroom and into the shower every morning, too. Nothing starts the day quite like a (discreet) orgasm.

2. Pixie


I recently got my hands on Sweet Vibrations’ Pixie and, honestly, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe how quiet this vibrator was considering the amount of power it was dishing out. The only problem with this particular vibrator is keeping your moans on silent mode. Pixie will take care of the rest.

3. Squish


With five modes to choose from Unbound’s Squish is so quiet that you could have a whispered conversation with your partner while using it — or with yourself — and you wouldn’t hear a single peep out of the vibrator to distract you.

4. We-Vibe Nova

nova we-vibeNova

We-Vibe’s Nova is the only penetrative vibrator on the list. It’s not because penetrative vibrators tend to be noisy, but the potential results can sometimes induce some loudness. Either way, Nova has 10 vibration modes and every one is “whisper quiet.”


5. Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro PenguinSatisfyer Pro Penguin

The difference between Satisfyer Pro Deluxe and Satisfyer Pro Penguin? Not much. Well, except one is a penguin. So if you’re the type of person who prefers their sex toys to be both quiet and cheeky enough to leave anywhere in the house, then the penguin is the best option for you. Just like the Pro Deluxe, it’s waterproof, has 11 settings, and a whisper mode.

6. Body Wand Aqua Massager

Body Wand Aqua MassagerBody Wand Aqua Massager

While the adored Hitachi Magic Wand won’t cut it when you need to be discreet, the Body Wand Aqua Massager will get the job done. This battery-operated body wand has eight massage patterns and, like the Magic Wand, a flexible tip. Where this one is different is the fact that it can be used in the water (thanks, batteries!) and it’s as quiet as a whisper.

7. LELO SONA Cruise


Like a lot of “vibrators” on this list, LELO Sona Cruise takes the “vibrate” out of vibrator, marketing itself as a “sonic clitoral massager.” And, let me tell you, I have one of these on my desk right now, turned on, and all I hear is a soft lull — and that probably has more to do with my desk than this super quiet toy. With eight modes to choose from, you can climax over and over and over, and no one will ever know what you’re doing under the covers, in the shower, or… wherever you take it.

8. Je Joue Mimi Soft

Je Joue Mimi SoftJe Joue Mimi Soft

Not only does Je Joue Mimi Soft look more like a large pebble perfect for skipping stones in a lake than a sex toy, but when it’s turned on, those five near-silent speeds and vibration patterns do not disappoint.



9. Womanizer Starlet

Womanizer StarletWomanizer Starlet

From the company that started the move away from vibration and made its name as “the world’s only Pleasure Air stimulator” back in 2015, comes Womanizer’s Starlet. So small, so discreet, so powerful with its six speeds, and yet the sound it makes is practically non-existent.



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