Motorbunny Halloween Episode


The US-American sextoy manufacturer Motorbunny was able to draw big audiences again on Halloween with its successful Youtube campaign »Do it on a bunny«. In the latest episode, Brynn Michaels sits on the famous Sextoy saddle and tries to carve out a pumpkin while the Motorbunny stimulates her.

For some time now, the US manufacturer Motorbunny has been bypassing the prudish guidelines for advertising sex toys on the world’s dominant video portal Youtube with a funny and erotic video campaign. In the video series »Do It On A Bunny«, adult and porn models try to pursue everyday activities while sitting on a saddle-like Motorbunny that stimulates them sexually. This leads to sensual and generally very funny results.

Halloween is over, but the current episode of the »Do It On A Bunny« series will continue to attract large audiences even though its holiday theme is over now. Adult model Brynn tries to carve out a pumpkin in a Halloween costume while sitting on the famous sex toy device from the US manufacturer. As soon as the vibration starts, Brynn is highly ecstatic and has difficulty concentrating on her task.

While the video is highly entertaining for the viewer as well as the performer, the resulting pumpkin leaves a bit to be desired. Brynn herself has to admit at the end: »Wow, that looks like shit!« Nevertheless, she seems quite satisfied.

Motorbunny’s CMO, Craig Mewbourne, says »We learned that carving a pumpkin while riding a Motorbunny is as difficult as it sounds, and even more fun to watch. Brynn is charming and hilarious, and we hope fans of Motorbunny and the series love this episode as much as we do!« Also a warning: »Also, don’t try this at home!«

By now, »Do It On A Bunny« consists of 12 episodes and can proudly look back on a total of 8.5 million views. A marketing coup that continues to be an interesting approach for the sex toy industry to successfully combine product advertising, joie de vivre, humor and a clever workaround strategy to avoid censorship.

The manufacturer’s website can be found here. You can view the Halloween episode here:



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