Motorbunny’s »Do It On A Bunny« Campaign

do it on a bunny
If you have been at last year’s Venus Berlin you probably know the energetic and fun oozing booth of Motorbunny. The manufacturer started a YouTube campaign called »Do It On A Bunny« wherein women try to do an everyday activity or a creative endeavor while being on a Motorbunny, a sex toy in saddle form.
The newest edition of the successful web series »Do It On A Bunny« started by sex toy maker Motorbunny is featuring Bianca Venerayan, a social media star with an impressive following on Instagram. She is appearing in a scene meant to be a parody of the famous do-it-yourself-painting series with Bob Ross, popular among potheads worldwide. Venerayan is trying to paint a portrait of vaginas while sitting on a Motorbunny. As it turns out that is not only very difficult, it is also quite funny.
The company’s main product is the Motorbunny, a saddle-like vibrator with control via Bluetooth. The sheer size and force of the toy are guaranteed to draw attention on fairs and exhibitions. And sure enough on YouTube.
The web series with so far two other episodes is a marketing coup. As the standard video clips presenting sex toys lack visual fun. Combined with a parody and a woman fighting against her orgasm the episodes become fun to watch, quite convincing and still suitable for work. The other videos present a woman trying to make a Christmas cake and another Thanksgiving-themed video with a Pilgrim girl trying to make a turkey.

Bianca Venerayan said: »I had a lot of fun doing this video—more than I thought I would! I was having a really hard time concentrating on the painting while I was riding this amazing machine! But I finished it, though it’s not one of my best. After a while, I just wanted to take the Motorbunny home! I love it!«

Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny, said in a statement: »We love any opportunity to showcase how Motorbunny is built to give people more creative sexual experiences. We can tell everyone how powerful a Motorbunny is, and how much fun it is to ride, but these video series lets people see for themselves. Bianca was a great sport and really showed fans a glimpse of what awaits them when they purchase the Motorbunny.«

If you want to see episode one, click here, episode two can be accessed through this link. If you want to know more about the company behind the series go to


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