Sex Dolls – Closeness & Intimacy During Corona


The many sides of Real Dolls

Women enjoy highlighting their individual qualities and presenting themselves as feminine and attractive. They do this by creating beautiful hair styles, applying eyeliner, accentuating lips, and applying a touch of rouge to the cheeks. Femininity in perfection! Many men share their life with a lifelike Real Doll, an authentic love and life doll. She is a partner, companion, confidante and conversation partner for men who do not want to spend their life alone. A Real Doll also likes to slip into different roles, just like her real role model: the modern woman.

Especially in times of the corona crisis, in which the social life is strongly restricted the need for closeness and comfort is especially high. At the same time, the natural sexual desires, which can hardly or not at all be lived out, should not be neglected. A Real Doll is therefore an adequate solution to provide remedy just in this uncertain and stressful time. It is completely harmless to health, eliminates loneliness and helps to get over gloomy moments.

Love dolls can change their appearance with flexibility. With a new wig, the cool blonde becomes either a fiery redhead or a spirited black-haired girl. The hair can be styled in a variety of ways and can be changed again and again. Today pigtail, tomorrow blow-dried and the day after with naughty little curls. Love dolls can also get make-up, by the way. So everything is possible from discreet daytime make-up to glamorous evening wear. Some men show a lot of skill and creativity especially in this particular field. Even when it comes to fashion, the Real Doll is in no way inferior to the real woman. From business looks to sporty and casual outfits to elegant evening wear or attractive lingerie, the doll likes to slip into various characters.

So you can reinvent your partner again and again and give her a different aura at any time. All these individual things let the Real Doll appear especially lifelike and authentic. Women are simply unique and reinvent themselves again and again – this applies to the pretty neighbor from next door as well as to the personal Real Doll.

When asked how flexible Real Dolls are in their appearance and what status they currently have in everyday life, Mr. Daniel Knebel from dollpark GmbH in Sierksdorf answered the following: »There is nothing in the world that is not possible. Every love doll can be modified down to the smallest detail and adapted to personal wishes.

Hair, styling, fashion – all these things can be switched and varied at any time. Even the color of the eyes can be easily changed with matching inlays. As a supplier of high-quality real dolls, we offer our customers almost everything they need to change the look of their doll. Men enjoy the luxury of being able to adjust their own love doll to their mood with just a few simple steps. Especially now, when the coronavirus causes a lot of insecurity and fear in the population, it is important to create a pleasant balance and a haven of peace. Something that enlivens everyday life and provides emotional balance. A Real Doll can provide crucial services here, because she assumes the status of a real partner for her owner. She has a calming effect and keeps the soul in balance.« With this statement it quickly becomes clear that authentic life dolls have made their way into society and have a great, important and helpful meaning for their owners.

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