Funerals For Sex Dolls In Japan

Bestattungsinstitut für Sex Dolls Japan

The more sophisticated sex dolls become, the closer people bond with their artificial companions. But what if there is no more room for the doll or it has been damaged and has to be disposed of? Due to their size and the sometimes multifaceted components and raw materials, the dolls are not suitable for household waste. And besides, where is the dignity in that? Now, in Japan, a resourceful company has started to offer funerals for sex dolls.

High-end sex dolls are becoming more and more sophisticated and lifelike. Year after year RS Dolls at VENUS Berlin, for example, allows you to take a close look at the progress and growing authenticity of these dolls, which are priced from 800 to 5000 Euros.

As we know, in Japan there is a relatively high degree of open-mindedness for the novelties of the sextoy industry. And the country also occupies a leading position in the sale of the latest sex dolls and robots.

So it’s no wonder that the question of disposal of the dolls, some of which are made with high-quality materials and raw materials that are difficult to recycle, is also being considered more closely in Japan. Instead of throwing away their former bedfellow lovelessly, owners wonder how they can get rid of their no longer needed or abandoned dolls.

Since mid-January, the Ningen Love Doll Company from Higashiosaka City, Osaka has been offering a special service for situations like these: funerals for sex dolls, with a display and funeral service on request, under the ceremonial supervision of Rei Kato, a Japanese porn actress.

The basic package is available for 50,000 yen. However, the owner of the doll may not attend the funeral. The company simply takes a photo and a certificate of the ceremony and then sends the doll to a special waste disposal facility. If you want to spend less money, you can say goodbye to your doll for 30,000 Yen, but then several dolls are »buried« at the same time in a joint ceremony and then disposed of.

But for 90,000 yen, the funeral becomes a real experience for the former owner of the sex doll. He can then attend the funeral ceremony, and if he wishes to, the doll can be dismembered before his eyes with a special sword. Additionally, a letter from the owner will be read out as a farewell and the owner can go home with a video of the ceremony and a body part of the doll as a souvenir.

In Japan, the whole idea of burying objects is not as far-fetched as it might seem in Western countries. Funerals for toys, robots and other objects are not rare. Lifeless objects also have a soul in the Japanese imagination. So what may seem somewhat decadent or bizarre from a Western point of view is a dignified farewell to an object meaning and being more than a pure object to its owner.

After all, sometimes an emotional bond is created with objects. This is all the more true in the case of a Love Doll, with whom one spends very intimate hours and whose owners often live out not only their sexual lust but also other intimate scenarios.

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