British Company Offers Sex Dolls With Deceased Partner’s Faces

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A British start-up, which initially focused on renting out sex dolls, is expanding its business to include a segment with a strong appeal to the news media worldwide. The company wants to offer its customers to buy dolls that are modeled on real people. In this way, surviving spouses could revive their deceased partners as sex dolls. Reactions range from joking zombie coverage to the serious question of whether this makes coping with grief easier or more difficult.

British entrepreneur Jade Stanley (35) has set up a sex doll rental company in Bromsgrove, near Birmingham, to enable people to use the often very expensive sex dolls without having to spend several thousand euros. Sex Doll Official developed so rapidly that the mother of four children, who also runs several sunbed studios, wants to expand her business. Stanley says her sales are currently growing exponentially on a weekly basis. From now on, you can order sex dolls from the company that are based on real people.

Sex Doll Official offers not only the rental and sale of sex dolls but also the individual production of customer requests. This makes it possible for people worldwide to have their deceased partners likeness reproduced as a sex doll, a potentially huge market for widows and widowers. The possibilities, as Stanley knows, are almost unlimited; after all, it would also be possible – albeit legally potentially problematic – to replicate celebrities, people from the neighborhood or people you have fallen in love with unhappily.


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In an interview with the Daily Star, the bustling businesswoman says: »The customization has proved really really popular. It covers so many different angles.« Basically, however, it is widowers who are currently turning to them for sex dolls that resemble their deceased wives. Stanley also admits that it was through such a request that she came up with the idea in the first place. »I thought, if that’s what they want, that’s what they can have. Quite a few have requested replicas.« She has no moral concerns about this kind of mourning work. »If it gives them great comfort, who am I to judge,« says Stanley.

But how exactly does Sex Doll Official work? How do reproductions according to customer wishes work? If you want to buy a replica sex doll, you first have to send a picture of the real person to the company and provide information about hair color, breast size, weight, skin tone and eye color. Jade Stanley then sends an inquiry to her manufacturing partner in China. The production can cost up to 4,000 pounds and will be sent by airmail to Sex Doll Official after production. There all dolls are first cleaned and only then delivered to the customer.

She came up with the idea of renting out sex dolls after all those articles about sex doll brothels, which are currently being opened all over the world with a lot of press coverage and sometimes harshly opposed by locals. The entrepreneur explains: »Basically I read an article about Lumidolls. It struck a chord with me. I was wondering, if I can take the seediness out of it, I could normalize this in a way and make it easier for people to have access to these dolls.« After all, the group of sex doll users may also have a greater number of people who are ashamed of going to a brothel or who are afraid, have reservations or remorse when they pay for sex with a person. This customer group should not be particularly addressed by a sex doll brothel, but by a rental company that delivers the dolls home. »I was thinking along the lines of the socially awkward, or people who struggle to get out of the house.«

She added: »It was those sorts of things that came into my head and that’s how the rental has come about. From there, it started to expand and move on to customization.«

Sex Doll Official charges 345 pounds per rental week and takes an additional deposit. Stanley offers a total of six different models for the rental service. All dolls belong to the high-end segment of the market and would be extremely expensive to buy. They are very durable and, according to Stanley, will be delivered to the door and picked up again completely discreetly and entirely hygienically.

The entrepreneur is extremely optimistic about the future and wants to expand further. »I intend to take this globally because I’m the only person to offer this service, the way that I do it. I think the market is right.«

If you want to know more about Sex Doll Official click here. The start-up also operates an Instagram Account, you can follow it here.



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