Autoblow’s New Campaign For AI-Sex Toy Was a Success

der autoblow

Autoblow’s new crowdfunding campaign has come to a successful end with record results. The manufacturer was able to collect a total of $326,000 with its new campaign for the development of a blowjob toy with artificial intelligence. This means that the world’s first sex toy for men with artificial intelligence could soon be on the market.

More than 2,400 men have donated 326,000 dollars on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to make their dream of the perfect device-controlled blowjob come true. Autoblow’s sex toy thus holds the record for the largest ever crowdfunded male sex toy.

According to the manufacturer, the company’s inventor and CEO, Brian Sloan, and a research team analyzed over 8,000 minutes of oral sex video footage. It is said that researchers were able to identify the 16 typical movements of the active part during oral sex. The company made the results of the study public and incorporated them into the development of the new Autoblow A.I.. In addition to executing the perfect blow job, the device is also supposed to be capable of learning from blow jobs performed on the user of the device. The microsensors of the toy should learn and reproduce blowjob movements customized to the user and introduce the element of surprise into the experience, something all sex toys lack so far.

The funding target for the crowdfunding campaign, which started on 17 October, was a modest $50,000. The company had already left this target far behind when we first reported on the campaign. At the end of the campaign, the company achieved 626% of its original funding goal.

Sloan says, »Many people – thinking it’s strange – have asked me why I would devote years of my life to creating a device that gives oral sex to men,” Sloan said. “Now that Autoblow A.I. has been pre-purchased by more than 2,400 men in 46 countries the reason should be crystal clear: because this is what men want. The monotony of manual masturbation will no longer be a burden to the men who choose my device. Although masturbation is something we do by ourselves, I believe we can use artificial intelligence to make the experience infinitely more fulfilling.”

The campaign has come to an end but can still be viewed at this link. More information can be found on the company’s website.


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