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The times when “erotic goods” were only kept hidden in safe places are over. In more and more partnerships, erotic products are used openly and are considered an addition to the love life.

On this page you will find the latest news, reviews for new products and information about erotic products.

Top 5 Vendors in the Sex Toys Market in APAC

Trade fairs in China, the largest country in terms of sex toys consumption conduct annual trade fairs for sex toys. For example, the Adult-Care...

Fifty Shades Darker gets sexy Coco de Mer lingerie line ahead of film’s release

The Fifty Shades Darker range is from erotic underwear brand Coco de Mer, which was a source of inspiration for author EL James herself. She...

Newlyweds in Gujarat are getting sex toys worth Rs 1 lakh as gifts

INDIA - Gujarat isn’t shy when it comes to spending big on their weddings. In addition to bringing huge profits to designer labels and honeymoon...
lingerie retail

Global Erotic Lingerie Market is expected to grow

Albany, NY, Nov 11: Lingerie traces its origin from the French word linge, which stands for linen. The fabrics used for manufacturing erotic lingerie...

Sex toys sell like hot cakes

"I have never actually gotten one, I don't think my friends and family are that brave to get me one," she said playfully. Matheba was...
50 Shades Darker

Check Out These 50 Shades Darker-Inspired Sex Toys

Since it first took over the world, 50 Shades of Grey has become far more than merely three books and their movie counterparts. To...