New Adult-Themed Store Debuts “How-To” Educational Videos

Houston, Texas—The new adult-themed website,, is planning to offer free educational shorts that demonstrate how their products are best used in real time.

The company is teaming up with established webcam stars, such as Jayne Cobb, for a series of instructional videos that show buyers how to use various toys, as well as tips on how to get the best possible experience.

Offering the biggest name brands in the adult wellness market, including Doc Johnson, LELO, WeVibe and Fleshlight, the website will publish honest product reviews and opinions that customers will find useful.

Dong King [], owner and established entrepreneur, says that he is taking a more social media-friendly approach with his new store. “Having exclusive video reviewers gives our customers more personalized information on how to use each product. Buyers will soon be able to get first hand experiences and honest reviews from a person that is in the webcam entertainment industry and frequently uses the products herself. This will heighten our customers’ understanding on how the toys work and how they can get a more enriching experience from each one.”

King’s new website features a simple and welcoming interface that is easy to navigate while also exploring various categories. The platform covers reviews of over 15,000 products from a wide variety of brands. The store also sells scented candles, clothing, lingerie, massage oils and other lifestyle products.

In addition to unbiased reviews, the new shopping website also offers readers advice on how to properly unbox items, various ways to use the toys and further insights on how individuals or couples can use these products.

King says he is excited about the launch of the new website, which goes live in August 2019. “We look to do more than simply sell items. We look to provide regular lifestyle content and hopefully a more personalized experience for our customers who expect more details and in-depth reviews of products before they buy.”

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