German Sex Toy Customers Love Vibrators


Orion, the adult retailer from Flensburg, released its latest sex report at the beginning of July. After questioning over 13,000 Germans, the report provides interesting insights into the sex life of Germans.

In Germany, too, the use of sex toys has been increasing for years. Not surprisingly, 50% of respondents said they had one to five toys at home. A whopping 23% have 6-10 sex toys according to their own statements. 10% have 11 to 20 sex toys at their disposal and 5% have a huge collection of over 20 sex toys. Only 10% of the respondents stated that they do not yet have any sex toys.

The latter figure can only be extrapolated to the whole of Germany to a limited extent, since the survey was carried out by an adult retailer who, by definition, comes into contact less frequently with people who have not yet had any experience with sex toys.

The vibrator reigns the market

Despite the growing diversity of the manufacturers’ product range, Germans are still quite conservative when it comes to their purchasing decisions. This suggests little willingness to experiment or that the market is still untapped.

75% of the respondents stated that they own a vibrator, followed by the dildo in 2nd place. 54% of the survey participants own one. Also, the penis ring is still frequently represented, 50% of the respondents said they owned one. Loveballs and anal toys are owned by 43% and 36% of the respondents respectively. Fetish toys and masturbators are owned by less than 25% of the respondents. The prostate is still one of the most neglected erogenous zones in men. Only 7% of the survey participants have a toy at home that stimulates the prostate. The most unpopular toys among German customers seem to be sex dolls. Only 2% stated to own one.

How often do Germans masturbate?

Some of the questions in the Orion survey were focused on the frequency and type of masturbation. The behavior was quite diversified. Although a clear majority of 43% stated that they masturbate 3-5 times a week, the rest was distributed quite unevenly: 20% did it once a week, 10% once a day, 6% several times a day, 13% 2-3 times a month, 10% less than once a month and 7% stated that they did not masturbate at all.

58% prefer to masturbate with their own hands, so only 42% prefer sex toys. This is a figure that could offer room for growth in the industry. 34% of those surveyed said they like to use their hands and toys in combination and 33% do it sometimes with their hands and sometimes with a toy, depending on their mood.

Online is King

Orion, of course, also wanted to know where respondents preferred to buy their sex toys. Not surprisingly, the privacy of online shopping is particularly popular among customers of this product category. 86% of respondents said they buy sex toys online. However, 59% also buy sex toys in stores. 10% were lucky, they said that they had been given sex toys as gifts.

One of the central questions, of course, is to what extent retailers and manufacturers can win customers over to multiple purchases. Are Germans satisfied with a toy they have bought once, or do they get hooked on getting more once they own their first? According to Orion’s survey, the industry can hope that customers who have been won once will become repeat customers.

Although 23% of those surveyed buy a sex toy only once a year, and almost as many said that they buy a sex toy less often than once a year. However almost half of the respondents bought toys every six months or more frequently. 7% of heavy users bought new sex toys every month and a whopping 8% said they bought new sex toys several times a month. Another 15% bought new additions to their collection on a quarterly basis.

The complete report with further results and graphs can be found here.


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