Pjur Supports Help Project in Laos

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The Luxembourg-based pjur group, which specialises in lubricants, has announced its intention to support a humanitarian project in Laos.

The lube manufacturer pjur is showing social responsibility by supporting the aid organisation CARE in its efforts to reduce child and maternal mortality in Laos.

The Maternal Health project is one of CARE’s flagship projects. The organisation tries to improve the medical care and training of midwives in Laos. It also supports mothers in caring for their own health and the health of their children. The NGO also helps and informs mothers about contraception. CARE can already boast successes in a country marked by poverty. In the south of Laos, the organisation has successfully tackled child malnutrition and helped many mothers earn a living.

Elisabeth Dahmen, PR Director of the international lube group, commented on her company’s charity: »We’re thrilled that the money donated to CARE goes to those who need it most, the individuals suffering the greatest poverty in the world. The rights of young women and mothers in particular have to be championed the world over and we are happy to do our bit here. With this in mind, we would like to wish all of our partners and customers happy holidays and a great start to the new year.«

Frederic Haupert is Head of CARE in Luxembourg. Commenting on the help his organization receives through pjur, he said: »In 2017, the funds we received from pjur helped us reach more than 34,500 people in these impoverished regions. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Luxembourg increases every donation fivefold and so every single euro of this donation makes a huge difference!«

If you also want to help out the CARE project and consider it worth supporting, you can make donations to the following account:

Name: CARE in Luxembourg ASBL

Reference number: Maternal Health Laos


IBAN: LU26 0030 4764 7242 0000

If you want to know more about pjur, click here. More information about CARE can be found on the organisation’s website.


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