New Super-Thin Condoms By LifeStyles


Condom manufacturer LifeStyles announced that its new condom line ZERO is 52% thinner than the company’s thinnest latex condom on the market.

According to Jeyan Heper, CEO of LifeStyles, the new ZERO condom will be 52% thinner than the Australian manufacturer’s previous latex condoms. The company’s best-selling product to date is LifeStyles Extra Strength.

LifeStyles claims that the new condom is almost invisible and enables »a natural, barely there feel« and thus ensures maximum closeness between couples.

Heper adds: »Much like our SKYN range paved the way as the first latex-free polyisoprene condoms, ZERO will revolutionize the latex-condom category by offering maximum sensation. Staying protected cannot and should not require a compromise on sensation, individuality or connection as a couple. We’re proud to be zeroing in on this issue and closing the gap.«

The group, which emerged from the acquisition of the Australian company Ansell by Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital, also produces lubricants and other hygiene products in addition to condoms. Ansell had roots dating back to 1905. According to its own statements, the new LifeStyles Group is the second largest condom manufacturer in the world. In addition to the new ZERO collection, the brands Blowtex, Jissbon, Manix, Unimil and SKYN belong to the group.

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