Counterfeit Warning For Condoms By Paradise Marketing

Condom retailer Paradise Marketing issued a warning to press and customers about a wave of counterfeited brand name products flooding markets worldwide. 

Paradise Marketing is the leading provider of condoms and lubricants in the US. It is distributing and selling condoms by trusted brand name manufacturers like Durex, One as well as its own brands.

Now the company wants to raise awareness of a recent surge of counterfeited brand name condoms. According to Paradise Marketing, several illegal production centers were found by officials in China, Kenya and Puerto Rico.

fake condoms found in China, Kenya and Puerto RicoDennis Paradise is CEO of Paradise Marketing. He said that the illegal manufacturing of counterfeit condoms »made with substandard-quality materials that compromise customer safety, has become a serious problem.«

He added: »Paradise Marketing is the direct and authorized distribution source for Durex, Okamoto, Trojan, Lifestyles, One, Atlas, Kimono and others, and our products are guaranteed to be factory-direct and covered by proper liability insurance.«

The company stresses the dangers and risks associated with counterfeit products in an area where reliability can be life-saving. Paradise said: »Counterfeit condoms not only do not protect against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections, they are often made with hazardous, unsafe materials. Make sure to buy from a reputable, authorized seller and check the packaging very carefully before using.«

If you want to know more about Paradise Marketing click here.


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