SlimFit Condoms For Better Grip

slimfit kondome haut nah

Generally speaking, innovations are quite rare in the condom market. Now Paradise Marketing is presenting condoms that are particularly tight-fitting and are intended to provide a better grip on the one hand and to increase the perceived closeness to the partner on the other.

For decades, the condom industry has been dominated by a few giants. For some years now, however, there has been a little movement in the safer sex business. Not only with different sizes and material thicknesses, but also with new forms of production (LELO’s ultra-thin hex condoms comes to mind) are driving the market forward.

Paradise Marketing is currently introducing a new development to the market. With the manufacturer’s SlimFit condoms an improved fit and an increased closeness to the sexual partner is supposed to be possible.

The condom is slightly smaller than the standard size and the diameter is reduced by 5 percent, resulting in a tighter fit on the shaft and tighter contact with the condom. Paradise Marketing believes that this also creates a more intense feeling for the user.

The owner and CEO of Paradise Marketing is Dennis Paradise. Commenting on his latest product, he says: »In order to serve our wholesale customers better with more sizing options, we’ve introduced the Paradise brand SlimFit signature condom. To enhance your experience, prevent slipping and breakage and ensure protection, the right size condom matters.«

In addition to the SlimFit collection, the standard variants will, of course, continue to be available under the Paradise Classic label. The condoms are offered to retailers in packs of 40 and in 1000er boxes. Two different packaging variants are also available.

Further information can be found on the website of the manufacturer and distributor of condoms, lubricants and enhancement products.



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