New Condom That Can Only Be Opened Together

Tulipán Kondome

The Argentinian condom manufacturer Tulipán is pursuing an unusual approach with its latest product. The »Pack Consentimiento« is a condom that can only be opened by two people. With this, the manufacturer wants to promote greater awareness that there should be active consent to sexual intercourse from both partners.

Hardly any other product enjoys such positive acclaim from politics and society as the condom. In the fight against HIV, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and as a cheap, straightforward contraceptive, the product enjoys worldwide campaigns that enable many manufacturers to turn the production of a relatively simple product into an act of social responsibility. An immense opportunity for positive PR, which of course is also open to retailers.

Now the Argentine manufacturer Tulipán has thought about transferring the socio-political component of the condom into the age of #MeToo through a clever marketing campaign. With a condom that can only be opened by two people, Tulipán fights against the so-called rape culture and for raising awareness that implied consent to sex is sometimes not enough.

Active consent as a prerequisite for legal sex?

For years activists have demanded that Consent should be obtained verbally and actively before any intercourse takes place. Sometimes the demands go so far that sexual intercourse, which has not been preceded by such verbal, clearly expressed consent, should be regarded as rape.

Tulipán is now stepping into this debate and tries to playfully make people aware that sexual intercourse should have no grey areas: Both partners must actively agree; otherwise the product cannot be opened.

Advertising expert Joaquín Campins works for BBDO Argentina and helped develop the campaign for Tulipán. He says: »Tulipán always spoke of ‘safe pleasure,’ but for this campaign, we considered we had to speak about the most important aspect of every sexual relationship: there is only pleasure if both parties give mutual consent.«

Manufacturer sees opportunity in progressive marketing

With the new condom »Pack Consentimiento«, Tulipán is taking a distinct path and combining social awareness with packaging innovations and clever product marketing.

First and foremost, this is an image campaign of a manufacturer. In addition, however, it should also trigger a debate. The non-commercial nature of the product is already evident from the fact that the condom is to be available in a limited edition. A condom package that is difficult to open is likely to be a rather hard sell in everyday life anyway.

It is planned that »Pack Consentimiento« will primarily be distributed free of charge at events and in bars in Buenos Aires. It is supposed to be a topic of conversation among people who should perhaps really be having this conversation.

The manufacturer is already known in Argentina for its activist and progressive product campaigns. The idea of »safer sex« was taken up by Tulipán many years ago. As an example, the company’s commitment to the similarly oriented worldwide movement No es No (No means no) is worth mentioning.

From »No means no« to »There needs to be a clear yes«.

The advertising campaign, which mostly works via Twitter and other social media is taking it a considerable step further. This is also made clear by the slogan that accompanies the campaign: »Si no te dice que sí, es no« (If you do not get a yes, it means no). Here is the YouTube video of the campaign:


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