Iceland, Performance Art, Naked Beauty: An Erotic Art Calendar For Collectors

An extraordinary calendar features performance artist Milo Moiré naked in the spectacular, rough landscape of Iceland. The photographer Peter Palm has perfectly staged the breathtaking beauty in the untouched nature of the island. An ideal calendar for all friends of erotic art!

The performance artist Milo Moiré, who comes from Switzerland, has been creating a stir at art exhibitions, in museums and public places for years. With skillfully staged nude performances, she questions the idea of femininity in art, the viewing habits and rituals of art consumption, and the perception of the female body in public spaces.

For example, the artist, who was born in 1983, visited exhibitions naked with a baby in her arms where paintings of naked women with babies were on display and looked at them silently. The attempt to enter Art Basel naked and to have clothes written on the body only as words was stopped by over-eager censors. During Art Cologne, Moiré squeezed eggs filled with paint out of her vagina, which, when broken, created colorful paintings. So it’s not only her naked beauty that is provocative; her performances and art projects also provoke audiences and organizers alike.

Under the title “RAW BEAUTY,” the calendar shows the dramatic landscape of Iceland and, in the middle of it, all the alluring beauty of Milo Moiré in all her sensuality. In the press release, it says: »There is probably no other place on our earth where man looks with such reverence at the wonders of Mother Earth.«

The landscape of Iceland is a place of longing for Europeans; the enchanted island offers countless places to draw attention to the fragile beauty of our planet. Regarding Moiré, in the breathtaking scenery the press release says: »Whether she swam in the ice water of the Jökulsarlon Glacier between fantastic ice sculptures, posed and meditated on the abyss of the Godafoss Waterfall or walked through hot, caustic sulfur fields or climbed an old plane wreck despite fear of heights and icy winds, she was always at one with the wild nature of Iceland.«

One of the stops that the two artists visited was a location for the worldwide successful HBO series »Game of Thrones«: »Milo also stalked Jon Snow from GOT by having to go to Jon’s sex cave of all places, where she took a hot nude bath in the otherwise way too cold Iceland.«

It’s not their first calendar. And again, this year, the joint project has become an impressive work of art for collectors. The calendar measures 32×43 centimeters contains 11 colors and two b/w photos. It is strictly limited to 1000 copies and signed by Milo Moiré. So it is a particular highlight that can bring joy to art lovers, Icelandic enthusiasts, fans of Moiré, and collectors of erotica all year round.

You can find further information here. A making-off of the calendar shootings can be found here:


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