Really Useful Extends Production Halt

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Due to the HIV infection diagnosed in a European performer on 14 February, a Europe-wide production halt in the porn industry was imposed. The porn studio Really Useful extends the production halt for security reasons until at least 26 March.

Until now, the production halt for Czech producers was to remain in effect until 13 March. Really Useful Ltd, based in the Czech Republic, is a globally successful producer of porn websites such as FakeTaxi, FakeHub and SexyHub. The studio extends the production halt internally until at least 26 March in order to minimize the risks for its own performers.

The owner of Really Useful says in a statement: »We shoot in excess of 80 scenes per month in the Czech Republic and U.K. and after seeking medical advice from the highest possible sources, we feel it’s within the best interest, for the protection of any performer shooting for us, that we do extend the hold.«

He added: »It’s my informed opinion that extending the original hold of March 13 by a further 13 days is necessary and only then can we be sure that all known performers are negative. I have based this decision on trusted medical advice and this is a decision I have made for my own company and not as a representative of any alliance. I believe that the risk, no matter how small, of shooting prior to the final known performer having their first test far outweighs the inconvenience that the extra 13 days hold causes.«


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