FSC Issues Statement On Syphilis Outbreak in Eastern Europe


The US industry association Free Speech Coalition has issued a warning on the syphilis incidents involving two porn actors diagnosed in Prague. 

Last week two actors were tested positive for syphilis during routine examinations in Prague. Below is the press release of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC):

We believe that those performers may have worked while asymptomatic or undiagnosed.

Unlike shoots in the U.S. and Canada, productions in Europe do not generally participate in the PASS database, instead relying on a patchwork of testing requirements. We are attempting to determine the scope of risk.

The cases in question are not believed to be related to U.S. productions. However, with many performers traveling internationally for award shows this month, we ask that all performers be aware of possible additional risk, on set and off. We are working with PASS-affiliated testing centers in the U.S. to monitor for any potential syphilis reports.

As the infection can be asymptomatic, particularly in its early stages, performers who have recently worked in Europe should get retested. At this time, we do not believe that any of the performers at risk for exposure are currently cleared in PASS. However, we are asking for extra vigilance and care when shooting in the next few weeks.

In regards to E.U. productions FSC, strongly recommends:

  • Requiring the use the TrepSure test, which can detect an infection as soon as seven days after exposure. The more commonly used RPR tests have a window period for detection as great as six weeks.
  • Where TrepSure tests are available, production in Europe should stop for at least 14 days until performers can retest, and provide new, clear results.
  • Where TrepSure tests are not available, European productions should stop for at least six weeks, until performers can be cleared using RPR tests.
  • Considering the estimated number of first generation exposures from the two confirmed cases, it is advisable for performers in Europe to discuss proactive treatment with their medical providers. (Treatment takes up to 14 days to complete.)

In regards to U.S. productions, FSC strongly recommends:

  • Performers who have recently worked in Europe outside of PASS to retest for syphilis using TrepSure
  • Performers who have recently worked in Europe outside of PASS should consider discussing proactive treatment with their medical providers.

FSC-PASS will continue to monitor the situation and is working with PASS-affiliated clinics to determine if there is any increase in incidence for U.S.-based performers in the PASS system.

Syphilis can be transmitted through sexual contact, including skin-to-skin contact, even in the presence of a condom. It is easily treatable with antibiotics. The industry testing protocol (PASS) requires bi-weekly testing for seven possible STIs, including a Syphilis TrepSure test which detects infection within 14 days.


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