Photo Contest By Sex Expert: Sex Toy Sightings

sex toy sightings

Sex expert Joan Price has announced a photo contest. Under the title “Sex Toy Sightings” she collects photo contributions from people photographing their sex toys at exotic or unusual locations. Contributors can also win several prizes.

Until December 19, the author and sex expert Joan Price collects contributions for a photo competition in which sex toys play a special role. People from all over the world are to photograph their sex toys in unusual and unexpected public places and send the resulting photos to her.

The idea came to Price during a playful activity with her boyfriend. The couple jokingly photographed their favorite toys in public places. The two had so much fun that they thought it might be a great competition people all over the world could enjoy.

The only rules are that the toys have to be photographed in a public place, no human faces are allowed, but animals are accepted in the picture. Price says: »The best, strangest and funniest photos in several categories will win prizes.«

She adds: »Taking a risk is part of the fun. If someone asks what you’re doing, just say ‘It’s a photo shoot.’ And if they ask what that object is that you’re photographing, just say the name of the sex toy. That might start an interesting conversation!«

The author has won several companies as partners for the competition. The Sexshop Good Vibrations, the manufacturers Fun Factory, Hot Octopuss, and Smitten Kitten as well as Wicked Sensual and Lucky Bloke have donated prizes for the winners.

The awards go to photos in the categories »Best Sex Toy Costume«, »Best Story of What Happened When the Photo Was Taken«, »Biggest Sex Toy Photographed«, »Most Retweeted Photo«, »Most Unusual Positioning of a Sex Toy in its Surroundings«, »Photo That Made the Judges Laugh the Hardest«, »Strangest Place to See a Sex Toy«.

The winning photos will be published by Price through her social media accounts. Details of how to participate can be found here.


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