Stormy Daniels Signing Autographs: Big Crowd at the Booths

Stormy Daniels Book Signing

The second day of Stormy Daniels’ visit at VENUS Berlin was marked by her deep dive into the crowd and meeting fans. Visitors could meet her, take a few pics and get autographs at the booths of Beate Uhse TV and Erotic Lounge.

Stormy Daniels opened the VENUS on Thursday and did a lot of interviews during her first day. Journalists from all over Germany made the trip to get the chance to talk to the star. Our own interview with Stormy Daniels can be read here. In the evening she got the lifetime achievement award at this year’s VENUS Awards.

Friday was the day to mingle with fans and get down to the floor. While security measures had to be high and her bodyguards had to be strict everything went smoothly and many fans got the chance to get an autograph, exchange a few words or take a picture.

Crowds gathered in front of the booths of Beate Uhse TV and Erotic Lounge before the scheduled event. Stormy Daniels spent hours with her fans while her towering bodyguards tried to keep everything in line so everyone could get a chance to take a quick picture and get something signed. At times you could see them wiping the sweat from their face as the interaction with fans poses a huge problem even for seasoned security professionals. In a crowded and loud space as the VENUS of course, this task is even more complicated.

Some people came with shirts to sign and even when they wore them it wasn’t a problem. One fan said: »She seems very nice and approachable even though there were a lot of people.«

Stormy seemed to enjoy getting to meet German fans and concluded the day with a third signing session at the booth of Beate Uhse TV.

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  1. She’s a class act…In this climate it takes allot of brass to get to this station in her life..I quite frankly her….Having read her book…and coming to have known her…She is absolutely a..rare and beautiful gem..❤️

  2. Ignore the “Mr. Mushroom” MAGAts and cockroach bots out, Stormy. They’re angry that you are popular and loved by people that matter, your book is selling like hotcakes, and that their fat, ugly imaginary King is a bonafide moron. You are beautiful, strong and a badass, and you rock! You and your hot attorney, HottieAvennati, keep on fighting “Tiny” Trump and for the American people. “Tiny”‘s days in TheWhite House are numbered. Tick tock tick tock………….


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