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Friday, April 23, 2021


Snap 2018 Paris

Snap! First Festival For Sex Work In Paris

Paris hosts Snap!, its first sex work festival. From Nov 2 to 4, numerous events, talks, performances and exhibitions will be devoted to the...
sheri´s ranch infographic

Legal US Brothel Shares Anonymous Data

One of the few legal brothels in the US is Sheri's Ranch. Its close proximity to Las Vegas allows the brothel to advertise itself...

Dennis Hof, Brothel Owner Turned Trump-Style Politician, Dead at 72

Dennis Hof, the self-proclaimed »Trump from Parumph«, who owned several legal brothels in Nevada and gained nationwide fame from reality TV has died a...
donald trump

Will Kavanaugh’s Appointment to the Supreme Court Change the Industry?

The bitterly contested nomination and final swearing-in of the right-wing conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court will probably shape the country...
smooci app

New Smooci App is the Next Generation Escort Directory

The Smooci App is aimed at escorts, agencies and their users to help streamline the booking process and improve the safety and experience of...
Brothel owner Dennis Hof

US Brothel King Dennis Hof Loses License for Love Ranch

Dennis Hof, one of the very few people in the US allowed to run a brothel, and current candidate for the Nevada State Assembly...