Stormy Daniels Is Back Again: Trump’s Unending One Night Stand

Stormy Daniels

New York Magazine has published an extensive cover story about Stormy Daniels, which includes one of the few interviews she has granted since former President Donald Trump was indicted for his alleged role in a hush money payment scheme involving her and the subsequent cover-up.

The profile is titled »How Stormy Daniels Sees It Ending« and is written by Olivia Nuzzi, the magazine’s Washington correspondent. The cover photo shows Stormy, and it has been taken by her husband, Barrett Blade.

Stormy admits that she was of course bombarded with media requests but chose to give her first interview to Nuzzi because she was interviewed by her in the past and felt she was balanced and fair with her tough questions and due diligence in fact-checking. Daniels says she is pleased with the article, and is particularly thrilled that Barrett’s photo was used as the magazine cover.

In the interview for the magazine, Daniels also talks about the relationship and the aftermath of her involvement with Trump. Nuzzi also explores Daniels’ long-standing interest in the occult, including tarot readings and interactions with her doll Susan, which she believes is possessed by the spirit of a child from the 1700s.

The article also highlights the women who have publicly clashed with Trump and have become Daniels’ supportive circle, including Kathy Griffin, Mary Trump, and E. Jean Carroll. Mary Trump remarks about Daniels, »It’s not just that she’s handled it well, but she’s handled it very intelligently. You can’t tear down a woman who has no fucks to give about this. She’s so self-aware and so comfortable in her own skin, and they are the opposite. They have no self-awareness, and everything bothers them. It’s quite a wonderful, amusing contrast.«

Griffin added that Stormy »is going through new horrible shit all the time and triumphing. I think there is a part of her that thought this stuff was over, but they’ll continue to torture her. Daniels is someone that they kind of pick on just when they feel like it.«

The interview also shows that Daniels by now seems tired and shaken by everything that happened, »I used to be very adamant that I’m not a victim, but I kind of am at this point.«

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