VENUS Close-Up #02: Interview With Swingerclub Owners Sabine and Rene Geisler

Swingerclub schloss milkersdorf

Swinger clubs are very popular in Germany. One of the most renowned clubs is Schloss Milkersdorf near Cottbus, run by Sabine and Rene Geisler. On Fridays and Saturdays guests from all over the world gather here for elegant sex parties.

When Sabine and Rene Geisler opened Schloss Milkersdorf as a swingers’ club more than 15 years ago, the swingers scene in Germany was still rather small and in many cases still rather secretive. In the meantime, the community has become more visible. Schloss Milkersdorf was featured on the national television series SPIEGEL TV and the club of the Geislers ranks among the most established locations for swingers from all over the world. We were able to talk to the couple about their first steps as club owners for VENUS CLOSE UP. They talked to us about how their club enriches the region, why they are known in Los Angeles and which place they like best in their castle.

If you look back over the last 15 years, what stages have you gone through? How (hard) was the beginning and when did it start to work out?

About 20 years ago, my wife and I asked ourselves: What is there to do on a Saturday night at our age? We were in our early 30s and friends recommended a location in the Netherlands where you could go out naughty. We experienced an incredible evening there. Then we flew to Paris, New York, San Francisco… and went to similar, very sophisticated parties there.

At that time Germany was more of a wasteland in this regard and so we, as a couple of entrepreneurs, quickly thought about realizing a similar adult concept in Germany.

The moment we found Schloss Milkersdorf in our area, we immediately started: First we had to convince the residents of the village of our concept – that was a real challenge. There were also many disputes, such as with the construction office, preservation authorities or the bank. These were huge hurdles that we had to overcome: Nobody really wanted to approve let alone support something like that.

After two years of renovation, however, the opening ceremony was a complete success. That though changed the following weekend: There were only two couples and even fewer afterward. It was a real fight. Many thought we were crazy to open a club catering to an international audience in Brandenburg, close to the Polish border, where there is nothing else to do. But it worked: After four years we were finally making a profit. Now, after more than a decade, our capacity limitations have finally been reached.

If you want to answer that question: How much money and working hours have you invested in this house?

Money is something very ephemeral to me. What’s important in life are immaterial things, such as life concepts and friendships, relationships with others. We had a vision: to bring a new idea to an old castle. We wanted to link the past with the future and have created a place of freedom.

This castle was a heartfelt affair from the very beginning. At that time there was an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit: The whole village was involved, friends and family helped my wife and me. It was a long way, of course, and also financially draining, but without this support, we would never have gotten so far and we are incredibly grateful for it.


To what extent do you contribute to the region?

On average, between 8,000 – 10,000 guests visit us every year and they don’t just come for the »10 seconds of cerebral ecstasy«. In this respect, we have become an important factor in the tourism industry: Our guests usually take a short break here. They spend the night in the surrounding area, eat out during the day, take a boat trip to the Spreewald or visit the spa in Burg. They make a trip to Schloss Branitz or go shopping in Cottbus.

The region around Cottbus does not exactly belong to the so-called »blühenden Landschaften« which is absolutely wrong. There is so much to discover here. Of course, we are pleased that we are an incentive for a multiple-day visit: Cottbus and the state of Brandenburg are our home.

You are advertising that you are the most stylish swingers’ club in Germany. What distinguishes you and how do you differ from other swingers clubs?

15 years ago we had the vision to redefine the term »Swingerclub«, which was very negative at that time. Our goal was to develop adult events of the highest quality. We tried to fight the sleazy image: sex shouldn’t be a cheap, quickly available commodity for us. We are still opposing this zeitgeist with success today: sex is being celebrated with all our senses and any sense of time, coupled with all the worries and needs of everyday life, is being abolished.

Can there be a more exclusive place for this than a castle?

Our guests not only find themselves in a unique ambiance but are also treated to a royal buffet and exquisite drinks.

We do not have many rules, but one is irrevocable. »Admission only in elegant evening attire« – that was completely revolutionary back then and has proven itself a success to this day. A visit to Schloss Milkersdorf means entering another world.

When you enter this house, what goes through your mind (apart from daily worries and challenges)?

Over the years, of course, a certain routine has been established. Nevertheless, every Friday the tense anticipation of the weekend starts. Schloss Milkersdorf has become a second home for me. I’m looking forward to well known regular guests, but of course also to new and curious guests. This is a place where fascinating biographies meet exciting stories. I couldn’t imagine a better profession – what I have experienced here in all these years! And so it gives me great pleasure every time to fine-tune my little castle before the night begins and the first guests arrive.

What kind of guests attend your Schloss?

Everyone is welcome at our place. First and foremost, we want our concept to appeal to people who are connoisseurs, i.e. self-confident pleasure-seekers. Our audience ranges from sophisticated to frivolous: This is where everyone can be the way they are or the way they would like to be. We value good manners as much as our guests do. Here, intellect and instinct meet at eye level. Our guests mainly belong to the upper middle class.

How many visitors does Schloss Milkersdorf have on average?

Meanwhile, up to 160 people visit us for one evening, mostly couples. The age is here mixed: From the early 20s to mid-60s. We are frequented by people from all over the world, most of them from Germany and Europe. But we also had guests from Japan, who flew here only because of Schloss Milkersdorf. For a while, many Americans came: In a club in San Francisco word had spread that our castle was the best club of its kind in Europe.

schloss milkersdorf

Your credo is »bekanntgehen, nicht fremdgehen« a German wordplay which roughly translated means: to know the partners you both have sex with means not to cheat. Please explain this.

It is well known that every third marriage in Germany is divorced. Human beings are by nature not monogamous. But that is not the problem at all, but the communication about it! Brothels are booming, Tinderdates guarantee fast, casual sex if I am dissatisfied with my partnership. Why is it so difficult for people to talk openly and honestly about their needs?

Schloss Milkersdorf offers couples a wonderful platform to get to know themselves and their partner anew. Here couples can go out together, live out their passions and desires.

It all depends on the perspective: Everyone has the right to sexual satisfaction. A partnership should (in this respect and in general) not be perceived as restrictive. Therefore: »Bekanntgehen nicht fremdgehen!«

Many people only think about fun and sex: But how expensive is it to run such a swingers’ club? When does the preparation start, how long does the follow-up take?

The shopping starts on Wednesday. We pay attention to quality and premium products. On Thursdays, the cooks and barkeepers begin with the preparations. There is also a caretaker who regularly maintains the castle. On Friday we welcome our guests on time at 8 p.m. with a champagne reception. Saturdays we clean up so that we can welcome our guests again in the evening. Our team is in continuous action until Sunday around 6.00 o’clock.

During the post-processing sometimes more than 1,000 towels await us on Mondays, which have to be laundered again. In addition, our guests tend to forget their belongings, such as mobile phone or a handbag, in all this sensual rush, so on Monday we have to check the mails: Who has forgotten what and where the valuables (of course discreetly) have to be sent. So on Tuesdays, I’m always a regular customer at the post office.

During the week I also receive a lot of emails. On average I receive 60 – 80 emails a day from curious interested people who are still a bit insecure and biased. Every mail is answered within 24 hours. I try to take away everyone’s fears, to answer every question after all every guest should feel at home with us.

We are an exclusive club with extremely high standards. Our guests come from Germany and all over Europe. Some of them have a long journey behind them and therefore we would like to offer them the highest possible comfort – in every way. Be it on site or regarding our accessibility outside the events.

What can newcomers expect from a visit to Schloss Milkersdorf?

Especially for beginners, that’s what our guests keep telling us, Schloss Milkersdorf is an excellent address: We want our guests to feel at home right from the start, so we will present and explain the whole house to our first-time visitors. Our guests are always polite and respectful, a no is always a no. I also hear that a visit to the castle is an exciting »pastime«, especially for long-standing relationships, which not only fosters the relationship but also enriches its intimacy and sustainably stimulates the imagination. In any case, nobody has to be afraid or courageous with us: You feel your way forward and have a lot of fun.

For example, we have a party that is especially suitable for newcomers: The so-called »Erotische Schlossnacht – Schwarz oder Weiß«. There are black and white masks. White signals that you only want to watch and follow your voyeuristic tendencies. The black mask, on the other hand, is for those who want to be active. They are mostly used by experienced visitors and guests who want to pursue their wild lust.

Our theme events generally offer a diverse schedule. There should be something for everyone. Our message here is very clear: Different theme events should serve different desires and fantasies.

The »Schlossnacht der Masken« for example, thrives on anonymity. Absolute discretion prevails here. Some of the guests already arrive with masks: Thus they feel both freer and protected with regard to their identity.

Newcomers to Schloss Milkersdorf therefore meet guests who appreciate discretion, but also partygoers and SM audiences. Our castle is a place of diversity, everyone finds their niche here.


You have looked at other clubs, you are probably well connected in the scene, what kind of people/types are these other club owners?

Club owners and adult event organizers are primarily free spirits and hedonists. The successful among them are very humorous. Sexually, however, they are more like eunuchs: they know exactly how to do it, but are absolutely reserved in practice.

What is your favorite place in the house?

Since I am a DJ, not only in this house, the DJ desk is definitely one of my favorite places. But of course also the fireplace room. There I like to round off the night with a glass of whiskey and a good conversation.

Do you have a moment of happiness in Schloss Milkersdorf?

When my guests feel good and come back, that is an absolute moment of happiness. These shining eyes!

And at the end: Do you have something like a message?

My message is above all: Live what you strive for. Don’t waste your time with fears and biases. Find your sexual fulfillment. Be creative, let yourself be inspired. Keep on moving, because that’s what life is all about: developing yourself. And to stay in dialogue: Only the relationships with others make our existence so precious.

Thank you very much for the interview.

If you would like to find out more about Schloss Milkersdorf, click here.


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