VENUS Close-Up #01: Interview With Mistress Eva

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Webcam and clip sites are quite successful these days. And especially the fetish offerings like findom and online domination of all kinds can become quite profitable for individual performers. So we decided to dive into the universe of findoms, mistresses and fetish performers to find out how they perceive their work, how they operate, we want to find out if they are happy with their payment and their working conditions and what their interactions with their customers are like. This is the first interview in a new VENUS Original segment called »Venus Close-Ups«.

In order to find out more about the world of webcam performers and a big chunk of the industry that’s mostly hidden from view, I met Mistress Eve, a fascinating charismatic webcam performer with an amazing voice. She is dedicated and professional in her appearance and taking her job very seriously. She is offering her service through the website

VENUS: So Misstress Eva, you work as an online domina, right? How would you yourself describe your work to someone who is not judgy but without any knowledge about these kinds of fetishes and working scenarios?

MISTRESS EVA: Well, imagine you chat with your mom through Skype. And now imagine she pays you. And now your mom turns herself into a submissive man who enjoys a lot making you happy.

Scenarios can vary immensely ֪– from pure findom when customers just enjoy making me happy by sending the money and making sure I got it up to the idea of sacrificing their pleasure for my amusement for a big tribute.

When did you first encounter the idea that this might be a good way to make a living?

Actually, this is not my main income, but yes it can be quite significant at times! I heard of it around 10 years ago but at first, I thought it of it as kind of joke.

Do you keep work and private life strictly separate? Can you openly describe your job in social situations?

I have a few friends, who know what I do and they don’t judge me, in fact they rather respect doing this. My family members also know.

I hide this from my co-workers in my real life (offline) job and from strangers too. I’m a secretive, private kind of person.

Do you feel your work is valued? Do you like your work?

I do! I like the freedom, I enjoy flexibility, I enjoy having so much power over so many people all over the world. I don’t think it is valued by society at all, because people who aren’t aware of this part of life think of people like me like a parasite or something like that.

They have no idea how much it actually improves the quality of my slaves’ lives. Plenty of people aren’t able to change their lives at all so online mind games is a great way for them to relax, to let it go. I do think that their sex lives are safer, they don’t do as dangerous things they could do on their own if they have someone who can take care of their very bizarre needs.

I notice that this activity isn’t valued but it doesn’t bother me to be honest, at all.

What do you hate about your work?

To be honest, I hate unpredictability, I never know what happens tomorrow – whether I’ll be spoiled rotten by a very generous slave boy or my working computer would crash I’ll have to waste my time trying to fix it up!

Or my internet can play up anytime.

Also I absolutely hate that on some sites I can’t ban some people immediately and can’t ban them by IP/ ID so sometimes I experience having some haters/stalkers.

What could be better?

Emotional safety. This definitely could be better! The rest is all right 😉

Ah yes, I would enjoy webcam sites give more ways to interact with slaves. Some of them enjoy video chats. Some just text chat because they are too scared to talk face to face. Sometimes seeing me on video is too much for them so they pay me for text chat only.

Some feel comfortable only using phone chat and they aren’t ready for anything visual.

Some never chat with me but enjoy sending presents (unfortunately not every cam site has wish lists)

Another option that is rare and would be useful for performers like me is a simple button to send money to me directly even when I’m offline. So even on the sites I like best they first have to know my e-mail to send money.

Do you feel you earn enough to afford the life you want?

Kind of but I always need more! I’m ambitious, I have a lot of plans, a lot of projects to invest.

What would you say is the specific difference between working as an online domina and a real-life domina? Is this a lifestyle you personally like?

Oh dear, of course! I feel extremely sorry for those who work offline. To touch their disgusting dirty hairy arses? Jesus. No way 😉

I get money just for being amazing, adorable, beautiful, fun, witty, caring, understanding their needs. I don’t need this sickening offline filth. To be honest, only a very small percentage of slaves is actually fuckable. The rest of them are disgusting pigs. But even if all of my offline were young, fresh, fit and cool slave boys, I still don’t feel comfortable even thinking of the idea of touching them for money. I think it has nothing to do with the main idea of domination. What do they do? They just hire a woman who provides certain sexual service, something that they like.

No… not for me. Yak!

I like to be worshipped without touching and like to play with their minds.

How does the payment work? Do you get monthly statements from the websites? Is your main income coming from websites or from returning customers you win as private customers?

Some sites pay once every second week, some once a week. Some hold the money for a couple of weeks, some pay immediately.

I think it would be preferable if they paid by demand, at any time. Sure I have my private customers too 😉

If someone wants to start out as a webcam performer what would you give them as an advice?

Learn languages, hypnotherapy, this person has to know a lot about human nature, about men, about sex, sexuality, perversions, kinks, and the person has to have a huge heart as some slaves need it.

You don’t only work as an online dominatrix but also as a findom. Right?

Exactly, this is the main idea. When a person serves a woman it fills his life with some spark, it gives them a sense, emotions, the customer wants and needs to have a reason to live. He fills a gap he experienced for years. He is not a piece of meat anymore. He becomes useful … a soldier in the army of safeguards. He loves to make me smile and laugh and this is enough for him 😉

How would you describe findom to someone who has no knowledge about this?

Sacrificing, this is the keyword. Mother figure is another. Plenty of others which I won’t disclose since it can ruin my … game haha

How does a typical workday look for you?

They could be different! Sometimes I have a deal with masochists, with very loud and entertaining sessions. Sometimes it consists of long chats, close to hypnotherapy which is very rewarding for me. Sometimes I wake up and get new emails with information that someone who prefers to stay unknown, has sent me beautiful boots or money.

Sometimes I am very tired after a day online but sometimes I spend the whole day relaxing in a chair or on a coach, getting tributes from time to time on my mobile.

What do you think about the rise of clip sites like Clips4Sale, iWantEmpire etc?

I don’t take part in it. I don’t think objectification of a woman has something common with findom neither femdom.

I do my best to get rid of those so-called – slaves who come in my chatroom, informing me what they like to see, which body part which outfit.

It usually makes me laugh. Who the fuck do they think they are to inform me about their fetishes lol. Mistress doesn’t give a shit.

Yes, most of the ladies online spoil those pigs a lot, I know it. But well, with me they either change or get banned for good. Lol

Sometimes I wear fetish clothes but sometimes I have sessions wearing a t-shirt, kind of home casual clothes

Why do you choose to mainly work as a webcam performer? And not f.ex. as a producer of content for clip sites? Do you have passive income?

I do have passive income from another job and from another place so I didn’t choose webcam as my main activity, that would be too boring.

But speaking of the content I have answered before 😉 I am a person, not an object.

Who is your typical customer?

He is a white, well-educated,  well-mannered, socially active and sexually experienced, from 22 to 70, well spoken and quite deep gentlemen.

Do you have many returning customers? How long do they stay?

10+ years, plenty of them return. Only those who I got rid of myself only those left me.

Could you describe some of the 4 or 5 most frequent scenarios you act out with customers?

Classic findom. Hypnotherapy. Small cock humiliation (which is sometimes not really a humiliation, and more like a session to let him accept it somehow, to teach him to cope with this).

S/M. I adore pure SM. Anal slaves, a lot of them. Forced BI play fantasies (it is so hard to accept even nowadays, even in Europe that there are gays).

Forced intoxication is always fun.

Breath control – oh I Love it.

Adult baby minding – quite complicated slaves, I take any of them except scat scenarios.

Verbal humiliation.

Sploshing sessions (very popular in the UK).

What is the most extreme scenario you encountered and catered to?

Snuff. It wasn’t my intention it just happened because he was high. Live piercing of balls, of the cock, extreme arse stuffing with food and extreme urethra stretching using tabasco sauce as lube. Sometimes pain helps them to shout over the voices in their heads.

Where did you draw a line and kicked a customer out?

The main thing, of course, is no vanilla, so anybody who isn’t into femdom won’t get anything from me. Although I can talk to them if they are respectful and just want to chat, it is all right.

Manners, I do not accept disrespectful attitude, regardless of how much they pay. I do not have a deal with those who objectify me, I mean usual fetishists, who come in, for example, and inform me about what they like. Mistress doesn’t give a shit haha 😉

So those people who think that they are submissive, they just get off looking at certain body parts, certain clothes. It pisses me off, I don’t just kick them out, I tell them to go (while they pay) and explain to them what it means to be a good slave boy.

I hate it, so I punish them for this disgusting misogynic consumer attitude. Sometimes they call it »I just love to worship«. No, in my opinion this is not worshipping, this is just using a woman’s body for wanking. This is not gonna happen ever in my chatroom.

So anybody who asks me to stand up – even after huge tips – is going to be kicked out. I will do it only when I want it, only when I’m in the mood for it and only if I think that this slave has deserved a little bit of reward.

Also I hate it if slaves come in without webcams. In certain cases I can forgive it but not when they request humiliation. They have to think about how to amuse a mistress well enough in order not to be too boring.

Of course I ban them also immediately if they talk about minors (children), snuff. Scat lovers I do not ban since I respect their right to do whatever they enjoy but I do not have a deal with them since this is not my thing, so I just inform them quite politely that I have nothing to offer them so I definitely won’t watch their scat talent-shows.

Once I reported the Dutch police, sent them the ID and the recorded video of a slave who confessed that he had used a rape drug to rape girls from a bar with his friends and that he planned to rape his 11 years-old stepdaughter the same way.

What is the psychological part of your job? Do you sometimes feel abused by the emotional aspects? How do you cope with clearly ill customers?

I’m quite educated concerning the subject, I had to, because most of the online visitors aren’t very stable mentally nor emotionally, or sometimes both. I’m qualified to solve their issues whether it is related to their social life or private life, including sex therapy.

I try to kick them out before they abuse me, now I feel where the line goes. Before I didn’t feel it and I had few cases of stalking attacks.

Thanks, Mistress Eva for the interview.

Mistress Eva can be booked here


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