Cops Responsible For Stormy Daniels Arrest Got Fired

stormy daniels

In the middle of the epic battle between Donald J. Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels about an alleged affair and a questionable non-disclosure agreement, the actress was arrested in Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 2018. As it turned out, the police officers were Trump fans and the arrest was politically motivated. As a result the two cops responsible for the arrest are losing their jobs.

The arrest of Stormy Daniels on July 11, 2018 made headlines worldwide. At that time, the scandal about the affair between Trump and Daniels threatened to cost Trump the presidency. Daniels was arrested in a strip club in Columbus, Ohio, for allegedly touching a client of the club, who turned out to be an undercover police officer. Just 24 hours later, the charges were dropped and Stormy Daniels was released.

The Star then sued the local police department and was awarded 450,000 dollars in damages in an out-of-court settlement. Now, 18 months after the incident, Stormy Daniels was also proved right on another point. The actress already claimed in initial statements about her arrest that it was an act of political revenge and that she had only been arrested because she had gone to court against Donald Trump.

The disciplinary proceedings against the two policemen responsible, Steven Rosser and Whitney Lancaster, now ended with their dismissal. Not only that: the entire unit of the two cops was now dissolved by the city. Rosser and Lancaster were dishonorably discharged. The responsible director of the city called the behavior of the two policemen »a serious neglect of their duty« and »incompetent«.

Rosser and Lancaster then proceeded to lie to the investigators in the course of the investigation of the incident. Allegedly, according to the two, they had been on an undercover investigation in the Sirens strip club. According to anonymous sources, an underage dancer by the name of Pearl was working there. But this turned out to be a pretext invented by Rosser to boycott Stormy Daniels’ appearance at the club and arrest the porn star.

Rosser had obviously not been particularly clever. His social media accounts were full of pro-trump propaganda. Investigators also discovered e-mails from Rosser, which indicated that he had planned the illegal arrest of Stormy Daniels in advance.

The whole action could have serious consequences for two other policemen. Ronald Kemmerling and Scott Soha were apparently accomplices of Rosser and Lancaster. Both are suspended for the time being.


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