New York Might Legalize Prostitution

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While conservative forces around the world are preparing for ever new attacks on sexual freedom, the state of New York is pushing ahead with its progressive plan to become the first state in the USA to fully legalize sex work. So far, prostitution is strictly forbidden in the USA except in a few districts of Nevada.

The legal situation of sex workers varies widely around the world. In many progressive countries, any form of sex work is allowed as long as it is voluntary and mutual boundaries are respected. In many places, however, customers of sex workers are penalized, the so-called Scandinavian model is gaining more and more popularity and from time to time, even in prostitution-friendly Germany, it is mentioned as an option.

The Conservative Revolution is directed against sexual freedom and self-determination

In some countries, however, prostitution and sex work are illegal. This is also the case in the USA, a country where sex workers and their customers are exposed to daily persecution – unless, of course, they film it. Inconsistently, pornography is allowed in the US. The schizophrenia of the USA with regard to sex is legendary anyway. After all, there are areas in Nevada where prostitution in licensed brothels is completely legal.

Now New York wants to say goodbye to antiquated and inadequate prohibitions. Sex work – and this explicitly includes prostitution – is to be legalized in the state of New York. It would be a revolution and a slap in the face for the conservative counterrevolution of the Trump government, which not only wants to reduce protection for minorities and abolish the right to abortion but is also making an attempt to take action against XXX offers on the internet. Should there be a second term in office for the current president, the porn industry in the USA is likely to face a fierce attack.

New York senators want to legalize sex work

The 13-page bill proposed by several politicians in the New York Senate aims to legalize prostitution according to certain guidelines. The lobby group and the senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar are among the supporters of the project. Five other senators have introduced supplementary legislative proposals to the Senate.

The proposal provides that the purchase and sale of sexual services in certain places should be permitted under certain conditions. According to Ramos and Salazar, the law also aims to provide better protection for LGBTQ youth living on the streets. Like illegal immigrants, they are often arrested for sex work, which leads to a social downward spiral and often dangerous working conditions.

In a press conference, Ramos said: »Every worker in New York and beyond has an inherent right to a safe workplace environment no matter what work they do. We are here to affirm sex work is work.«

Decriminalization of prostitution improves living conditions of sex workers

Jessica Raven, a former sex worker and member of, also supported the initiative of the two senators. Raven writes in the influential daily Daily News: »New York criminalizes adults for trading sex for resources, but falls short in addressing root causes. Instead, we subject sex workers, and the people who live and work with them, to state violence. Criminal records make it harder for people in the sex trades to access resources such as housing, services and other employment.«

Moreover, according to Raven, sex workers are often victims of police violence. Solely legalization of sex work would protect sex workers from having to work underground. Violent acts against sex workers are rarely reported to the police because prostitutes are afraid of the authorities. According to Raven, the model presented by the New York senators is better than the one in Nevada because it is better tailored to the reality of many sex workers.

You can read the full text of the bill here.


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