New Allegations: Legendary Pornstar Ron Jeremy In Jail

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After the accusations against porn star Ron Jeremy had become somewhat muted lately and it looked as if the legendary actor could continue his career after all, against all expectations it now looks like it will come to a showdown in court. Jeremy may have to spend the last years of his life behind bars like convicted serial rapists Harvey Weinstein and Billy Cosby. 

The iron law still applies that only a few men become real stars in the porn business. But one of the great exceptions is undoubtedly Ron Jeremy, an actor who has been active for decades and has become a pop cultural legend in the meantime, who has appeared in well over 1,700 pornographic movies and numerous mainstream productions.

The autobiography of the actor, whose real name is Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, was published in 2007 under the title »One Man and Four Thousand Women«. In this book he already admitted to being sex-obsessed. The extent to which this obsession has not only been expressed in a professionally and desirable way, but possibly also in an abusive and criminal manner, will now be dealt with in court.

The reputation of the legend was already shaken in 2017 when porn star Ginger Banks accused Ron Jeremy in a YouTube video of having sexually harassed women on several occasions. Other actresses and women from outside the industry also joined Banks in telling of the 67-year-old porn star’s attacks, sometimes more, sometimes less drastic. He completely denied all accusations and despite numerous calls for boycotts and exclusions from adult trade fairs, he has been able to revive his career recently. There were no legal consequences anyway – until now.

Now though, the accusations are tangible, and the Los Angeles public prosecutor’s office has brought charges against Jeremy. Three women between the ages of 25 and 46 are said to have been raped and sexually harassed by Jeremy. The acts are said to have occurred more recently, between 2017 and 2019, and a fourth case is stemming from 2014 and is also expected to go to trial. If these accusations are true, Jeremy is likely to have a pathological pattern of behavior: Not even the public accusations in 2017 would have changed his behavior.

The actor was temporarily taken into custody and bail was set at $5.8 million. If convicted, Jeremy faces life in jail. Through his lawyer, Stuart Goldfarb, the actor denies the accusations and maintains his innocence.


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