APAC to Explore Solutions to Discrimination in the Adult industry


LOS ANGELES—The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee said Wednesday it extends its gratitude to all performers who attended and spoke at the December 4, 2016 meeting regarding racial inequality. APAC indicated it is dedicated to continuing this passionate and constructive discussion led by the community.

In October 2016, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee released a statement regarding racial discrimination. APAC believes it is wrong to charge more to work with performers of color, not work with performers because of race, and pay performers less because of their race. APAC dedicated the entirety of the December meeting to allow the community to discuss their experiences and provide viable options for change.

Many solutions were explored at this meeting, including: equal pay for scene rates, eradicating the “wait” to shoot interracial scenes, encouraging performers not to raise their rates for working with performers of color, requiring companies to disclose titles and descriptions before scene release, and becoming better allies by networking with and supporting performers of color.

While identifying the issue, sparking discourse, and exploring solutions is a great start, nothing can move forward without help from the entire community. Racial discrimination in the adult film industry is an issue that affects everyone, APAC said. Anyone devoted to this community and interested in contributing to progress is encouraged to participate in a subcommittee dedicated to building guidelines that will be mirrored by the Model Bill of Rights. The subcommittee will focus on issues of inequality by promoting awareness, encouraging peer participation, and seeking solutions. All performers interested in joining the subcommittee should contact APAC.

For more information email [email protected] or visit apac-usa.com.



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