Satisfyer Wins Patent for Air Pulse Technology


Satisfyer, a sister company of the online retailer, has achieved an important milestone. The in-house Air Pulse technology now has extensive patent protection. The company is already announcing claims for damages against competitors.

The globally operating manufacturer has triggered an important innovation in the industry with its Air Pulse technology and is now able to defend its development through a patent. Right now the patent protection covers Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. Satisfyer also wants to achieve protection for the USA, China, Russia, and other markets.

Jerome Bensimon, a member of Satisfyer’s senior management, was relieved about the partial success. In his view, the enforcement of patent protection leads to legal certainty for innovators like Satisfyer: »The registration of our patents is clear to our distributor partners and thus will have a positive effect on the retail trade. We can now begin to sue all copies of our technology in the marketplace and will demand the first claims for damages in the next few weeks.«

The company’s announcement should be taken very seriously by any copy cat manufacturers and pirates. Satisfyer is known for aggressively defending its innovations in many markets. Some of their competitors are now likely to receive unpleasant mail. Sender: the multiple award-winning manufacturer based in Bielefeld, Germany.

Further information on Satisfyer can be found on the company’s website.



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