Japan To Help Its Sex Workers After All


CNN reports that the Japanese health minister now wants to revise his original course after all. Legal sex workers are to be eligible for state aid programs during the corona crisis.

Last week we reported on a discriminatory measure by the Japanese Government to exclude sex workers, strip clubs and many restaurateurs from the emergency relief package. The fear of sending public money into dubious channels served as a pretext for the Japanese Health Secretary to put an industry he did not like into dire straits in the midst of the crisis.

After worldwide headlines and public pressure, the ministry is now reversing its course. According to a CNN report, Health Minister Kazunobu Kato has decided to allow legal businesses in the erotic industry and individual sex workers to participate in the subsidy program to save the economy.

Now adult companies can also apply for the over 8000 yen per employee and working day lost. Those working on their own can receive a little over 4000 yen per lost working day. It remains unclear to what extent self-employed sex workers will be covered and whether they will be able to participate as well. The money will be paid if the work cannot be done due to a lack of state child care.



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