Fun Factory’s Head of Marketing Interviewed On »Bad in Bed«

bad in bed

The latest episode of the podcast »Bad in Bed« features the marketing manager of the Bremen-based sex toy manufacturer Fun Factory. The topic of the show is thus, of course, sex toys. However, the hosts of the successful show, Bobby Box and Gabrielle Kassel, also feature informative facts about bisexuality in this episode.

In the first episode of the year, Bobby Fox and Gabrielle Kassel focus on psychological questions about bisexuality that have received little attention to date. For example, they explore the question of why many bisexuals, contrary to popular preconceptions, are not promiscuous, but rather seek predominantly monogamous relationships. So much so that it has even become known in behavioral psychology as an anxiety disorder that bisexuals are particularly likely to strive almost pathologically for monogamous relationships.

The issue’s interview guest is Fun Factory’s global marketing director, Kristen Tribby. She explains why queer individuals bring a unique perspective when it comes to sex toy development, and that customers of all sexual preferences benefit from that perspective. Together, hosts and Tribby talk about pleasure as a holistic experience that doesn’t have to be experienced solely as a traditionally sexual act or focused on achieving orgasm.

You can find episodes of the Bad in Bed podcast on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Here’s a link to the series on Spotify.


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