Young, more inclusive, polysexual – VENUS 2023 with a new appearance!

VENUS Berlin 2023

The VENUS Berlin has been, is, and will remain an erotic fair with a diverse range of offerings for all visitors. The existing offerings are now being expanded with additional content, providing long-awaited and desired perspectives for many regular guests. Many attendees already embrace their eroticism beyond traditional gender roles. Non-binary lifestyles, multisexual and polysexual pornography, and, most notably, the eroticism of the bi+ sex community are increasingly gaining attention.

“A strong rejuvenation and a noticeable increase in female-identified guests in recent years have compelled us to respond to these demands and wishes by launching VENUS Berlin 2023,” explains a spokesperson.

For the 26th VENUS in 2023, Chris Philipps and Raquel Fedato from the Berlin collective “Pornceptual” have been selected for our photo campaign. The result: Porn can be a guerrilla tool and should not be taboo. “With an inclusive campaign motif, we are broadening our horizons and aiming to bring new forms of erotica, porn, and lifestyle to VENUS. This process will be an expansion of the program and offerings and will include the return of the Female-Only Area to provide a safe space for more femininity. Especially for our male-identified guests, the offerings from exhibitors, stage programs, and innovations will present incentives for exploring bi+ sexuality, polyamorous relationships, and more.”

Additionally, VENUS Berlin aims to advocate for communities and draw attention to the necessary legal gaps in the areas of sexuality, identity, and sex work. Sex work is work and requires self-determination and recognition for all individuals. Furthermore, the Berlin fair wants to support the bi+ community and polysexual lifestyles and, in cooperation with the Berlin CSD e.V., promote the initiative “Basic Law for All!” which seeks to expand Article 3 of the German Basic Law to provide legal protection for sexuality and identity.

From October 26th to 29th, 2023, VENUS will use its stage and reach to draw attention to these topics and offer an unparalleled event for all visitors. There will also be a Business Area exclusively for trade visitors, encompassing various facets of the industry such as wholesalers, retailers, online shops, affiliates, traffic, payments, and age verification. In panels and lectures, companies and individuals will present themselves and discuss current industry topics. The VENUS Model Lounge and the VENUS Exhibitor Lounge in the same hall will bring together content creators, exhibitors, and trade visitors.

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