Survey Shows: Foreplay Mostly Frighteningly Short


The US adult retail company Adam & Eve conducts annual surveys on the sex life of its customers. Contrary to what one might expect, for many couples, the important foreplay is still very short.

1,000 people took part in the survey on foreplay during sexual intercourse. The central question was: How much time do the participants in the survey actually spend on foreplay?

After years of educational work, the result might seem quite sobering. 45% of the interviewees stated that they only spent 5 to 10 minutes on foreplay. 15 percent replied that they even spend less than 5 minutes on foreplay.

29% said they spent an average of 10 to 20 minutes on foreplay and only slightly more than 12% said they had more than 20 minutes of foreplay with each other. The differences between the sexes are only a few percent. The largest difference was among respondents who said they had less than five minutes of foreplay. 16.26% of women, but only 10.48% of men, gave this number.

Dr. Jenni Skyler is a sex researcher at Adam & Eve. She is also disappointed with the results of the survey: »It’s unfortunate that so many people look at foreplay as a means to an end. I encourage couples to take it slowly, enjoy the time leading up to intercourse and use this period to communicate and engage one another.«

Adam & Eve regularly commissions an independent research institute to conduct surveys on customers’ sex lives. Further information can be found on the company’s website.


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