Antique Ivory Dildo Was Auctioned Again

antique dildo

Two years ago at an auction, an antique dildo made of ivory was auctioned off. Apparently, its new owner was not really happy with it. For unknown reasons, the rare collector’s item came under the hammer again.

At the auction two years ago a US citizen won the bid for the precious ivory dildo. Originally, the toy in a leather case with a glass lid originates from the 40s of the 19th century.

A wealthy Irishman had brought a sex toy with him from a trip to India as a present for his wife. The auction house stated in 2017 that the original owner might even have killed the elephant himself, knowing that he had taken part in elephant hunts at the time.

»A family member found it in a drawer, and he put it in the auction for fun really,« auctioneer Damien Matthews told the Irish Times. »We believe the ivory dates back to the 1840s. This fellow, the original owner, was in India in the 1840s, where he shot himself an elephant and brought the tusk home.«

Precious ivory carved into a pleasure object

It is assumed that the ivory tooth was carved into the shape of the dildo at the turn of the century in China. A heart was carved into the lower end of the ivory, as well as a small case in which the wife could keep her husband’s curl. The specially made wooden box for storing the unusual toy was made in Ireland.

An anonymous collector from the USA was able to buy the dildo at auction 2017.

Irish sex shop owner wins the auction

Now the piece came to the auction block again. This time sex shop owner Shawna Scott from Ireland organized a Twitter campaign to raise enough funds to bring the dildo back to Ireland. The operator of Sex Siopa had already read about the auction two years ago and was very disappointed not to be able to buy it back then. When she read that the new auction was about to take place, she quickly organized crowdfunding on Twitter.

She appealed to the Irish national identity. In an interview with the Irish Times Scott said: »It made my heart sink when it was sold. It just seemed like such an important part of Irish sexual history. Sometimes I think with Irish history unless something is tied to the famine or 1916 it gets a little forgotten or re-prioritized.«

Ireland’s sex history more multifaceted than expected

Scott refers to the cultural significance of the dildo: »There was so much going in that time period. People were literally starving to death and meanwhile someone was bringing this home for their spouse. I always get asked about how repressed we are in Ireland. I think we’re much more liberal than we think we are.«

The power of the crowd: Ireland gets its ivory dildo back

Her own budget was not sufficient to purchase the valuable collector’s item two years ago or now. So she tried to make the power of the crowd work for Irish sex history. A few hours before the auction started, she went on Twitter to raise money.

And lo and behold, she was successful. On July 29 she was able to report on Twitter at 9:22: The dildo returned to Ireland, the crowd was successful. For 620 Euros Shawna Scott could finally buy the dildo. Now she plans to donate the artifact to a museum.

You can find the Twitter account of the clever Irishwoman here. You can reach the website of the sex shop by clicking this link.



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