Legal US Brothel Shares Anonymous Data

sheri´s ranch infographic

One of the few legal brothels in the US is Sheri’s Ranch. Its close proximity to Las Vegas allows the brothel to advertise itself as »Las Vegas’ Famous Brothel« even though Las Vegas itself forbids all kinds of prostitution. Now the popular brothel shared some data about its usage.

The graphics shared by Sheri’s Ranch shows several interesting details about the services and times spent at the Brothel in Nevada. 134 prostitutes worked at the ranch in 2017 and offered more than 3,6 million minutes of sexual services. That equals 7 year’s worth of sex time comprised in one year under one roof. While that is just a fun fact with little use the brothel also offers info about who pays for its services. Nobody will be surprised by the fact that men clearly dominate with 78% of the visitors, but 15% are couples and 7% of the guests are single females.

Madam Dena Sheri´s Ranch
Madam Dena

The brothels’ madam is called Dena. According to her visits by females and couples are on the rise: »Sheri’s Ranch has seen a steady rise in the number of women and couples visiting us each year.

In 2014, about 15 percent of total customers were individual females and male/female or female/female couples. In 2017, that total was 22 percent, indicating that women and couples are increasingly visiting sex workers.«


Single men mostly ask either for oral sex or intercourse, females prefer erotic massages or toys used on them. Couples often come for a threesome or orgy-like parties but many couples just want to get some information and sex ed.

Among the most popular fetishes are foot fetish and pegging and BDSM practices. Unfortunately, the term »BDSM« is rather broad and comprises many activities, so the data doesn’t shine a light on the specifics here.

Deena says: »BDSM has always been popular and we have several ladies that specialize in adding a little pain to your pleasure. But two other highly requested fetishes are foot-related fetishes and pegging. Having managed a brothel for nearly a decade, I’ve learned that foot fetish is more common than most people realize – and many men come here to indulge their feet fantasies because they’re embarrassed to reveal their desire to their significant other. The same goes for pegging. Many people would be surprised to learn that so many men yearn to be penetrated. These men only reveal their fantasy to us here at Sheri’s because they’re ashamed or afraid of being judged by their lovers back home.«

Here is the graphics released by the brothel:

sheri ranch brothel data



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