Belgium’s First Sex Doll Brothel Closes Down – Auctions Off Dolls


The first sex doll brothel in Belgium has already closed its doors. The owner now wants to auction off the sex dolls he no longer needs.

Fabrice Jacobs (52) opened the country’s first sex doll brothel in the Belgian town of Meise two years ago. But the business, which initially ran successfully, probably suffered from a lack of regular customers.

Jacobs had purchased a total of eight high-end dolls offering different heights, skin colors and breast sizes in his living room, which had been converted into a brothel. As with human prostitutes, the prices were also essentially based on the time spent on the dolls. For half an hour with one of the sex dolls, customers had to pay 50 Euros, 80 Euros cost a whole hour and for 120 Euros one could spend 90 minutes with the doll of one’s choice.

However, the operator was unable to maintain the interest initially stirred up by the media. Although initially there were several customers a day, Jacobs described in an interview a year ago that he only had a few regular customers, and that most men only came once out of curiosity.

But it wasn’t only his customers who lost interest in the sex doll brothel. Even the owner himself apparently no longer felt any real desire for his self-created job. In an interview with Het Nieuwsblad, he says: »The enthusiasm was over. I realise now that it’s not for me, sitting at home so much, waiting until the client leaves.«

First, he closed his sex doll brothel indefinitely in mid-2019. Now he decided to call it quits for good. As a result, Jacobs now has no more use for his dolls. For about half the purchase price he offers the decommissioned silicone sex workers on his website for sale.


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